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Posts Categorized: Row80

Happy Hump Day, everyone! Things are going well here. I managed to get back into working on The Prophet and have written 2300 words this week. The Row80 sprints at 1 central are a big help for me to focus–thank you guys for your encouragement. Yesterday I also did some revisions in the plot, because … Read the rest
Today’s check in is another short and sweet one. Most of you know my brother passed on Thursday, and it was a relief to everyone watching him suffer. Because I’ll be traveling for the services, I won’t be blogging this week. I did manage to write almost 1800 words on The Prophet and work out … Read the rest
It dawned on me the other day that in my early January haze of sickness, I hadn’t actually posted my goals for this round. So, here they are: Write 2000/week on THE PROPHET Continue to query INTO THE DARK Implement Dark’s theme of stalking into Thriller Thursdays Exercise minimum of 20 minutes/day Comment on at … Read the rest
Unfortunately I have zero progress to report on the Row80 front, but I’m excited to say that today is the first day I felt somewhat human. Apparently having a combination of erysipelas and folliculitis is pretty exhausting, but for the first time in eight days, I actually feel like doing something. So I’m celebrating:) I intend … Read the rest

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