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Ashes and Bone (Delta Crossroads Trilogy #3)

Ashes and Bone (Delta Crossroads Trilogy #3)
Series: Delta Crossroads Series, Book 3
Genres: Mystery & Suspense, Mystery & Thriller
Publisher: Twisted Minds Press
Publication Year: February 16, 2014

ASHES and BONE features two strong female protagonists trying to find their kidnapped hero. Set in a small town full of secrets, this mystery suspense is the perfect ending to the Delta Crossroads mystery series.

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About the Book

The exciting conclusion to the Delta Crossroads Series. What’s happened to Nick Samuels?

Everybody has secrets. Some will kill to protect them.

Jaymee Ballard is waiting for Nick Samuels to arrive in Roselea when a massive derecho sweeps through the Delta Crossroads. When evidence of Nick’s involvement in a controversial case is discovered in Nick’s abandoned car, local investigator Cage Foster begins his search.

But Jaymee can’t sit around and wait. Enlisting the help of her best friend Dani Evans, Jaymee discovers a trail leading to the dangerous and secretive Dixie Mafia. With a powerful enemy lurking in the shadows, the two friends find themselves holding the key to not only Nick’s disappearance, but a shameful town secret someone will kill to protect.

A beautiful southern town full of secrets, four friends, and a shameful history come together to bring the exciting and poignant conclusion to the Delta Crossroads Trilogy.

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