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Stolen Mothers


Children run through the streets in their Halloween costumes, giggling happily, not noticing the blood on the house is real. A baby girl is tucked up asleep in her room. Her mother’s body lies motionless in the front yard, pink petals on the ground beside her…

Arriving in the quiet community of Mulberry Creek, Special Agent Nikki Hunt is shocked that amongst the chaos of costumes and fake, silver spider webs, a new mother called Kiania Watson has lost her life. A blooming rare flower placed carefully in her cold, bound hands. Nikki’s legs go weak: it’s the mark of a serial killer she’s met before.

Nine years ago, Nikki fell in pursuit of a masked man who’d killed a young girl at a cabin in rural Minnesota. Seeing her cradling the bump of her pregnant belly, he’d spared her life. She was told he’d died in a shoot-out days later. But the pink flower only grows at that cabin: it’s a message to Nikki.

Nikki’s team are quick to suspect Kiania’s abusive husband. But Nikki finds two further, similar murders in other states. Flowers were left in their palms when they died. Nikki’s heart breaks when she realizes all the victims were mothers to newborn babies.

Digging desperately into old case files, Nikki finds blood on a rock she secured nine years ago, which has never been tested. But not before receiving a desperate call that another woman has just been taken. This twisted killer is playing a deadly game, and Nikki must risk her own life if she has any chance of returning this mother to her child alive…

Bone Lake


Broken flowers drift on the foggy surface of the water. All is quiet, until the squad of police cruisers race up to the grand house that stands alone on the lakeside. Two girls lie inside, their bodies broken and still forever…

When Special Agent Nikki Hunt is called to a home on Bone Lake, she is devastated to find blood all over the floor and two young women who clearly fought for their lives. But the viciousness of the scene isn’t the only thing that strikes Nikki. The house was the scene of another murder twenty years ago. The killer was never caught. Is this a terrible coincidence, or have they struck again?

Nikki’s team quickly identify the girls from their belongings in the bedrooms upstairs. They had a party the night they were killed, and Nikki realizes that one attendee, their friend Alexia, is missing…

Desperate to find Alexia, Nikki soon discovers that the only survivor of the original massacre, Matt Kline, still owns the house. She is instantly suspicious of him. But he claims he rents it out and hasn’t been there for years, and as Nikki looks into his dark eyes she sees her own terrible past.

With time running out, Nikki and her team dig into Alexia’s life, and find out she was fascinated with the original Bone Lake case. Amongst her things, they find notebook after notebook about serial killers. Then Nikki is shocked to learn that Alexia was having a relationship with Matt. Has Nikki make a terrible mistake trusting a fellow survivor? And can she get the truth out of him, and find Alexia alive, before it’s too late?


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