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Dear Feds: Don’t Check My Cache

Seriously. I’d be on their top wanted list in minutes, as would many writers. I kill and sometimes torture people for a living, so a girl’s got to do her research. Details matter, because readers are smart.

My 10 Best (or Worst?) Search Terms

  • How to kill with cyanid
  • How does a body decompose in humidity
  • How is a badly burned body identified
  • Female Killers
  • What poisons are traceable at autopsy
  • Easiest way to dispose of a body
  • Signs of a sociopath
  • Modern day grave robbers
  • Women who got away with murder
  • Daryl Dixon coffee mug


Okay, so number 10 isn’t work related. But the one I got is pretty sweet. I’d prefer Norman Reedus’s face, but there’s the hubby to respect and all.

What about you? Would your computer history land you in the slammer? What’s the worst thing you’ve ever Googled?

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2 comments on… “Dear Feds: Don’t Check My Cache”

  1. MIne wouldn’t be too bad. The book I had to do the most research on was Search for the Vampires’ Curse because it was set in the rain forest. And there was a spider. LOL

    • Stacy Green

      LOL, Lauralynn. That’s definitely not too bad. I would hate for anyone to see mine. Same goes with my texts to my critique partner!

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