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BIG NEWS: Into the Dark is being republished!

I can FINALLY announce my big news!

I’ve been given the rights back to my debut novel, INTO THE DARK, and I will be republishing the book in May with some major changes. Happy dancing!

Why the changes?

In short, the book needs a big tune up. It was the first novel I wrote, and while it was well received and had several five star reviews, I didn’t have the skills I do now. I understand the craft of writing and plotting so much better than I did three years ago, and I know I can make this book outstanding.

Even more important, however, is my new developmental editor, Annetta Ribken. With her help, we are gutting scenes, tuning up the plot, and adding new content. I’m in the middle of the first round of edits, and I will tell you that while the major plot points are likely to be the same, there are going to be significant character advancements and new scenes.

We’ve also got a new title, because we’re starting fresh and because Amazon loves new titles. So…drumroll…


The title harkens to the Las Vegas tunnels, which will play even more prominently in the new version.

Now, because my readers are my priority, and I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m doing the old bait and switch, I’ve got two different options for those who’ve read the original book.

1) A copy of proof of purchase at any vendor, including the previous publisher, earns a copy of Into the Devil’s Underground for review. Proof of purchase is the verification email sent by the vendor, or, if you prefer, a screencap of the book on your device.

2) Proof of a review at Goodreads. Into the Dark will be down at all vendors in the next couple of days, but I will leave the book up on Goodreads until the end of April. If you’ve left a review there, please email me the link ( and I will give you a copy of Into the Devil’s Underground for Review.

I only ask that reviews be placed on all vendors and Goodreads when the new book is out.

I am SO PROUD of the changes I’m making to this book. It’s going to be darker, more developed, and more exciting. The characters are going to be a lot deeper, and the plot is going to be more tension filled.

One major change? Nathan will be INSIDE the bank with Emilie during the siege. I’ve just written those scenes, and I can’t wait to share them!

I’ll be revealing the new cover in a few weeks along with a very fun launch, so stay tuned!

Thank you to all the readers, bloggers, and friends who helped TIN GOD become an Amazon and Barnes and Noble bestseller this past week. You guys are awesome! I am so lucky to have such supportive group of readers and friends.

2 comments on… “BIG NEWS: Into the Dark is being republished!”

  1. Gail Demaree

    I would love to read and review the revised book Stacy. I posted a copy of my book on your Stacy Thrillers page since I do not know where my receipt for the book is. I want to say I bought it used from Thriftbooks and they do not send receipts.
    Have a great day! Congrats again!

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