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My top five TBR’s.

Yeah, so I am massively behind on my TBR list. Story of my life. But I’m prioritizing, and I thought I’d share my current top 5.

The Last Child by John Hart.

I started this book several weeks ago when we were at a swim meet. It’s very good, but I got away from it and haven’t gone back. DON’T TAKE THAT AS A SIGN OF QUALITY. This is what I do. I am a mood reader, which is bad because I need to be reading all the time. The book has a great premise and excellent, fast paced writing with good character development. I just have to get back to it.

Fear Nothing by Lisa Gardner

Lisa Gardner is the suspense queen as far as I am concerned. I’ve learned so much from her writing, and once I start reading one of her books, I usually can’t stop until I’m finished. D.D. Warren is a great character, and this looks like an excellent story.

In The Blood by Lisa Unger

I heard of this one via the Mystery, Crime and Thriller Group on Goodreads. It looks like something that is right up my dark ally, and I hope to get to it soon.

The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

Of course I’ve read this book, but it’s been a long time, and the newest Kindle version has a forward by Harris about creating Hannibal Lector. Likely a must read for any thriller writer!

Faithful Place by Tana French

I love French’s writing, and her Dublin detectives series, set in Ireland, is a fascinating study in characters. Her plots are twisty and suck you in from the start.

So what’s on your TBR list? How many books do you read a week?

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