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I’m in love!

So I’m a newer coffee drinker. I’ve only started in the past two years, but I’ve quickly discovered the joys of espresso. There’s a great drive through coffee place (not Starbucks!) about 5 minutes away where I have been getting my fix. Still, driving over is a PITA, so I’ve been toying with buying an espresso machine. But they look complicated and even the easiest of them takes about 10 minutes. I’m impatient, so that doesn’t work for me.

Catie Rhodes suggested I try a Keurig. I didn’t think they had espresso K-Cups, but they do! I don’t know if they are as potent as a regular shot, but it’s definitely more caffeine than plain coffee. So the hubby and I did our research, and naturally he wanted the more expensive one.


So last night I came home with guy, and Rob and I both love it. It’s great for a coffee drinker like me who needs the boost in the morning and maybe a little later. And they have tons of different K-cups: apple cider, tea to the extreme, hot chocolate, and a bazillon kinds of coffee.

It’s so stinking easy! You fill up the water reservoir, let it heat, stick the k-cup in, and it quickly brews. And the coffee and tea we’ve tried so far is delicious! I’m currently drinking Cameron’s Velvet Espresso. Yum.

And I know I’m probably way late to the party and a lot of you are snickering at me, but for anyone who is debating if the cost is worth it, I’m here to tell you YES, it is. And Kohl’s has a sale right now. Just saying.

I’m counting on this baby to help me meet my writing goals this summer when I’ve got to work around the kiddo being home.

What about you guys? What kind of coffee do you drink? Or are you tea people?

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5 comments on… “I’m in love!”

  1. Alice Gatto

    I drink a huge mug of extra strong Columbian every morning and try not to drink coffee after that. If my husband and I go out to a late dinner with friends I have an espresso with anisette after dinner. I’d love to drink more, but have been told to limit my intake. I can drink decaf tea, but not the coffee.

    Enjoy every cup – it is a true gift from God – almost better than wine.

  2. Alice Gatto

    PS: Just found your blog today and now have 5 new authors and 18 new books on my list.

    • Thank you so much! I’m trying not to drink coffee all day, lol. And I couldn’t have espresso in the evening or I’d be up all night. And wonderful! I hope you enjoy the books when you get a chance to read!

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