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Cover Reveal and FIVE Teasers!

I’m excited to share the cover for the final Delta Crossroads Novel, ASHES AND BONE! The book will be available in print and all digital formats February 25th!

Everybody has secrets. Some will kill to protect them.

Just when Jaymee Ballard’s life seems to be on track, a massive derecho attacks the Delta Crossroads sowing destruction in its path. Her boyfriend, investigative journalist Nick Samuels, comes up missing, and she fears the worst.

Nick’s abandoned car contains evidence of his involvement uncovering a controversial case mired in political power and greed. While her friend and local detective, Cage Foster, heads up the inquiry into Nick’s kidnapping, Jaymee finds it impossible to sit back and do nothing.

Enlisting the help of her best friend, Dani Evans, Jaymee discovers a trail leading to the dangerous and secretive Dixie Mafia. Facing a fraudulent Confederate artifact scheme, dark local history, and a powerful enemy lurking in the shadows, the two friends find themselves holding the key to not only Nick’s disappearance, but a shameful town secret someone will kill to protect.


Are you excited yet? This is my favorite book in the series, and I can’t wait to share it with you! Just for fun, here are five teaser tidbits from ASHES and BONE!

1) A fire endangers the citizens of Roselea and their historical landmarks.

2) Someone from the trilogy dies.

3) All four main characters (Jaymee, Cage, Dani, and Nick) have points of view in the story.

4) A (fictional) relative of John Wilkes Booth comes to Roselea.

5) A building collapses on more than one of the main characters.

What do you think? Are you excited to read? Feel free to grab the cover graphic to share on social media, and make sure to add ASHES and BONE to your Goodreads Shelf. Don’t forget to ‘LIKE’ my Facebook page to receive updates on the launch party and enter the contest for an early copy of the book!

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