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I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I come bearing gifts! I’ve been working on not on but TWO Lucy Kendall books. GONE TO DIE (Lucy Kendall #3) will release in June, but I’ve got a surprise! I’m writing Lucy Kendall serial novella for mailing list subscribers! HEAR NO LIES takes place a … Read the rest
The last meal is customary part of a convicted criminals last day. Some states, like Texas, have done away with the tradition, but the vast majority still allow death row inmates to choose their last meal. So what does a convicted killer who’s terrorized a community and cost the taxpayers millions of dollars choose to … Read the rest
With Into The Dark’s blog tour in full swing, I’m going to be doing something different with Thriller Thursdays the next few weeks. A lot of the posts will be short and sweet, featuring unsolved crimes. Today I’m reblogging a great post by my friend and critique partner Catie Rhodes. It’s an intense but fascinating … Read the rest


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