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The Sociopath and the Serial Killer


Credit Melinda Vanlone at BookCoverCorner

Be honest. Even though some of you shudder in your boots at the idea of writing or reading about a serial killer, even more of you are fascinated by what makes this tick. Ted Bundy was a charming, terrifying psychopath. How many women did he really kill?

Jeffrey Dahmer was a beaten down, miserable man who mutilated gay men and boys. Gacy hid bodies in the crawlspace beneath his house. The Zodiac has never been caught, H.H. Holmes and Ed Gein were part of the inspiration for Leatherface, and of course, Jack the Ripper (and no, I’m not sold on the idea of his finally being identified).

These people have fascinated us for years. Bundy had groupies. Manson gets a ton of letters. Hannibal Lector, another mashup fictional creation of serial killers, is often cheered for by readers and viewers. And don’t forget Dexter, the psychopath we all rooted for until the very end. And no, we’re not talking about how the series ended. Sigh.

The point is, these people are an enigma, and that’s part of why we’re fascinated with them. When I originally started penciling ideas for my Lucy Kendall Series, I thought about the idea of two serial killers coming together and forming some kind of romantic relationship. The idea intrigued me for a minute, and then I quickly realized I had something much darker and juicier on my hands. Lucy Kendall, eradicator of pedophiles, was born.

See, she doesn’t believe she’s a killer when she first walks across the pages of ALL GOOD DEEDS. She’s performing a necessary duty to society, and if that means she’s risking her eternal soul, then so be it. Saving kids is worth it.

Enter Chris Hale, a strikingly good looking man who cheerfully tells her he’s a sociopath and they’re of the same ilk. He’s a serial killer too, and why don’t they join forces.

Panicked, Lucy denies, denies, denies. And she’s immediately intrigued by Chris. Is he really a sociopath? Maybe, although he seems much too compassionate. And is he truly a serial killer? She’s not sure, but she’s going to find out, because Chris has no intention of going away. But even more troublesome to Lucy is this notion that she herself is a serial killer.

She’s not one of those people. Is she?


“You. It’s not often I find someone who’s like me.”

“Like you?”

“In the same line of work.”

I said nothing.

“I don’t like to use the popular name for it.” He leaned over the table, into my space. His eyes burned even brighter up close. In another scenario, I would have matched his body language, flirted a little. A woman should always seize the opportunity to get up close and personal with a face like his. Unless he’s a stalker with the power to send her to the lethal injection chamber. “You know, serial killer. The term is so … trendy. I like to call myself the garbage man. Just taking out the trash.”

Of all the presumptuous, stupid things to say. I wasn’t a serial killer, and I had no interest in aiding this man’s sick fantasies. “I don’t know who you are–”

“Name’s Chris Hale. I’m a paramedic and an Aries. I love Indian food. Italian, too. And Mexican. Pretty much all food. I’ve got a major sweet tooth. Never done drugs, I’m an only child. I’ll spare you the sob story. Anything else?” He smiled again, the lines around his eyes crinkling in a ruggedly attractive way that probably made plenty of women act foolish.

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