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Row80 Check In 10-26-11 Organization 911

I’m still playing catch up from my days out of town, so you can imagine the harried state I’ve been in the past few days. Blogs to write, to read and comment on, not to mention those little things called editing and writing.

Organization isn’t my forte (at ALL), but I’m learning. I decided the best way to tackle things this week was to take my critique partner (Catie Rhodes) advice and make a list. I figure short term goals would make things seem less overwhelming!

So by Sunday check in, my goals are the following:

1) Do another run through of my completed MS Into The Dark looking for suspense elements. My focus is on shorter sentences and tighter dialogue. I’m about halfway through so I think this is an attainable goal.

2) Continue to research e-publishers and agents. Add at least three of each to my spreadsheet.

3) Read the next set of pages my crit partner has sent me.

4) Write 500 words on The Prophet. I’d like to do more, but with my query deadline sneaking up on me, I’m focusing on Into The Dark.

5) Have a great Thriller Thursday post (it’s going to be a Halloween Special) and stay up to date on the blogs I follow as well as add two new ones from the Row80 link up.

There have been some great blog posts this past week, and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

Drafting vs. Outline by Cynthia Robertson. Cynthia’s post had one of the best points I’ve heard in a long time: what some people call outlines are what others call first drafts.

The Hands-Free Drink Holder by Natalie Hartford. The queen of crazy stuff has an awesome gadget this week.

Louise Ure posts on Murderati about Park Bench Conversations—a fantastic post about conversations that inspire great characters.

Jami Gold tackles the social media numbers game and pressure cooker in her great postThe Insanity Behind The Pressure To Have Numbers.

How’s your Row80 week going? Do you have any organization tips or great links to share?

33 comments on… “Row80 Check In 10-26-11 Organization 911”

  1. beverlydiehl

    Where ever did you get that photo of my filing method? If only I had such a great file clerk

    You sound impressively organized and realistic in your goals. Cheering you on!

    • Lol, Beverly. Those are the best kind of clerks – they even come with their own soundtrack!

      Thanks so much! Hopefully I can accomplish all of them:)

  2. You certainly do not seem like the not organized type 😉 Especially with a list like that lol
    I wish you good luck on our goals! I’ll be here to check what you accomplished by Sunday *squints*

  3. Good luck with the immediate goals, I end up out of sync for days when I break routine. For me, I tend to use a task manager software, set up the to do’s and set by importance, dates etc. I can see what area’s are getting neglected as well. Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

    • Thanks so much. I do, too. I’ve been trying since Monday to get back into it. Today’s first day I’m not totally exhausted. You’re welcome – you, too!

  4. Sometimes a list is the only way to get it done. I’ve also told you about my kitchen timer. I set that stupid thing and go as hard as I can for about 30 minutes. More than that, and I tend to drift into other activities.

    That koozie pocket shirt is ultra dorky, by the way. 😀

    • That’s right. I’ve used my phone alarm a couple of times now when I’m writing and it’s helped. Isn’t it? I can see my hubby wearing it, though…

    • LOL – the koozie pocket shirt is dorky but I think I could class it up with a few design suggestions (and the trusty BEDAZZLER)! LOL 🙂

  5. I love lists. They definitely make me feel more organized and productive. Plus, it’s a nice feeling when you can check a task off it. Good luck!

  6. I LOVE lists. They make me so more productive because they push me to complete things so I can tick them off. Having said that, I don’t use lists much. I may start one tonight now you’ve given me the idea…
    Good luck with yours.

    • They help me, too. I just need to be better about making them, lol. Thanks so much for stopping by, and good luck to you, too!

  7. Stacy, thanks so much for sharing the link to my post! Will certainly check out these others you recommend.
    Love the cute photo of the file cat. That’s me at least once a day. 🙂

  8. Very good check-in. You have been super busy as of late. I love the pics in the post, btw. It’s hard to get caught back up sometimes, but you will get there. You are a hard worker and that will pay off. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks, Wendy! I love finding silly posts to use, and I appreciate the compliment. I never feel like I’m busy enough. Always think I’m slacking off. Thanks again!

  9. Another great post, Stacy! Will check out the links. And keep focused on INTO THE DARK. That’s where your heart and soul is. Love the sticky post photo. Yup. One very important thing after another. Check. Eating and sleeping. Check. Okay, lookin’ good here! And you gave me a great idea for a post on SheWrites and blog. I happen to be one of those great organizers (even if I do toot my own horn). Writer friends ask for help in that arena. Simple ideas I hoovered up from working a day job at a community college with an admin asst. who had a smokin’ filing system I adapted for my writing. Easy peasy. Well, yeah, if you keep up with it. (Right now I have a few piles that need … well, you know.) Wish my kitty were alive to help. 🙁 Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks so much! I’m working hard on it and enjoying getting into the nitpicky edits. I’m nervous about querying but I feel as though the time is about right. If you’re a great organizer, you should definitely do a post on it. Many of us need help in that arena.

  10. I love seeing all these people here at your new WordPress digs!! What a fantastic list, but I really love that kitty picture. What a cute little butt swishing in the air. 🙂

    I agree with Catie. Often a list is the ONLY way….

    • Thanks, Jenny! I do, too. WordPress is so much better. That kitty looks just like my Mom’s cat, and he’s always getting trapped in drawers and cabinets, lol.


  11. Thank you for the Fahhhbulous shout out Stacy!
    I am with everyone – lists totally rock my world. I make them by the dozen. Drives poor hubby nuts but they are my savior and help me keep on point. Sometimes I get to scratch everything off the list – sometimes not – but I still find them helpful. The other insanely useful thing is that they enable me to see everything that needs to get done and I can priorities. When things are in my head, I often just do what comes to mind first or what I think will be most fun when in reality, that may not be the “priority” I wanted to accomplish.
    Here’s hoping your list helps you feel back on track in no time. You are doing uberliciously amazing so keep at it!! Woot woot!
    Off to check out your other fahhhhbbbb links!

    • You’re welcome! I need to do better with them. This one’s really helping so far. I always use them when I’m going on a trip but that’s about it. So true about lists giving you priorities, too.

      Thanks so much!

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