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#Row80 Round Four KickOff Check-In

Happy #Row80 Day (click here if you don’t know what Row80 is)! It’s the first check-in, and of course the party’s going strong over at the #Row80 hashtag.

I don’t have a recent photo for the contest, but I had to share this one.
Tell me those aren’t some rockin’ bangs. And the clarinet completes the coolness.

My week has gotten off to a slow start, but I knew it would. My parents were visiting so I didn’t get much writing done, and that’s okay. I did manage to get 500 words in on The Prophet last night, and I’m heading to library in a bit to write. I decided that getting out of the house might be a great way to be more focused on writing days. I will write 1000 words today.

I’ll also be working on a very cool Thriller Thursday post this afternoon.

On the life side, today is day one with no pop (soda for you strange ones), and I’m back on my more strict eating schedule. We’ll see how that goes.

What about you? How’s your first week of Row80 Round 4 going? Don’t forget to stop over at the Twitter #Row80 hashtag to say hi. If you’re new to Row80, introduce yourself!

This picture really has no tie-in to the post other than the squirrel theme.
But it was too funny not to share!

In case you missed Monday’s post, here are my Round 4 #Row80 Goals:

Begin querying Light and Dark by November 15. Some of this hinges on my final critique partner getting the time to read the MS, but I’m determined to have sent FIVE queries out by the end of Round 4.

Write a minimum 3000 words/week on my new suspense thriller, The Prophet. If I can manage that pace, the first draft will be about halfway complete by Christmas.

Continue to blog three times a week and work on spreading the word about Thriller Thursday. Those posts really tie into my genre, and I want to add focus to them.

Continue to support my blogging/writing friends on their individual journey’s.

Stick to my healthy eating schedule. Do a better job of watching my carbs.

Continue with yoga. Build workouts to at least four times a week.

Spend more time reading with my daughter.

Focus on the positive things in my life: friends, family, my chance to write.

Focus on the stuff I CAN change about myself instead of worrying about what I can’t.

19 comments on… “#Row80 Round Four KickOff Check-In”

  1. Go Stacy! This week has been hectic, so I didn't sign up for ROW80. Might see if I still can. If not, I'll be with all of my Row80ers in spirit. πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like a nice start, Stacy! I had to read on to know what your "no pop" comment was. LOL.(Down here in Texas, no pop might mean that you have no energy.) Best wishes on your goals! Looking forward to another round.

  3. Thanks, Julie. It's funny how we have different names in different parts of the country. I'd cut down on the pop with the #Gowithout week, so I'm hoping this won't be too tough.Good luck to you on your goals:)

  4. Woot woot – you are doing FABULOUS! LOVE the pics – especially the winter-ready squirrel – totally made my morning! LOL!!

  5. Thanks, Natalie. I'm hoping the library will really help me focus. Too many distractions around here. I loved the fat squirrel, too:)

  6. Love the squirrel pictures! Good luck with your WIP. I know you'll hit your 1000 word target today. I'm fast drafting a new novel and am about 13K into it. I'm on day three now. I'm hoping to get at least 3K more by the end of the day.

  7. Thanks, Kelly. Wow, good for you. What exactly is fast drafting? Do you just get the basics in?

  8. My week also started slow, but usually that's how it goes for me. Though, I see your on a great track!Good luck on the rest of the week!

  9. Very impressed that you got some writing in while dealing with company. You officially win a set of Wonder Woman wrist bands! Enjoy your quiet time at the library. Good choice.

  10. JulianaI've started a bit slow too, but that's all right. Seems like I write a bit then have to plot/research, but that's how I work. As long as I'm focused on the book, I'm good.GirlThanks. I actually got that done last night after they left. The library was nice – I'm definitely going to have to do that again.MarciaThanks so much. I'm sure we will, and good luck to you, too.

  11. I hear in some parts of the country, that'd be "no Coke." As in, "You want a Coke, honey? What kind of Coke – Sprite, Orange, Dr. Pepper, or regular Coke?"Just keep going, just keep writing, just keep moving… πŸ™‚

  12. BeverlyThat's so funny. And I love real Coke, too. It's so addictive to me I can't even drink it.Thanks for the encouragement!

  13. Good going. I gave up pop (all sodas) last year and just drink water or tea now. Don't miss it at all. Good luck with your writing and life goals.

  14. Good job doing some of your goals! I know, it feels like this round started sooner than I was ready. I edited two chapters, but most of my week was killed by headaches and feeling sick. (I wasn't actually sick, but the drastic weather changes always hit me hard and we just went from 90 degrees to rain and wind.) I gotta get on my exercise goal! (Hah, yeah right.) πŸ˜‰

  15. Thanks, Robin. Good for you. I gave up pop for about 5 months and then gradually got back on them again. Kicking myself for it.AngelaThanks! It does feel like this round snuck up on us. Sorry you're feeling yucky, I go through the same thing with weather changes. My sinuses have been abusing me for a while. Hope you feel better!

  16. YAY!!! You are WordPress girl now! I hate blogger with the biggest passion, both to manage and comment on. Nice to have you here on a platform I like. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Jenny. I got so frustrated with Thriller Thursday not getting any hits today, and then come to find out people were having problems leaving comments. Sigh. All that work for nothing. I will REALLY appreciate it if you help me get the word out about the new address. Glad you like the new site:)

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