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Thriller Thursday: Child Killer Released – Again

Remember this post about the two ten-year-old boys who led a toddler out of a Liverpool, England mall, tortured and eventually killed him?

One of those men is being set free. Again.

Jon Venables and Robert Thompson received life sentences after the horrifying 1993 murder, but were paroled in 2001. Like Mary Bell, they were given new identities so they could start their lives as adults. There’s no information on Thompson, but in 2010 Venables pled guilty to possessing and distributing child porn.

Guess what? Apparently that’s not enough for the parole board to consider him a threat to society. He’s been released again! Reports say it is unknown if he will get another new identity.

Again, like Mary Bell, these boys had to have serious mental issues to do what they did, especially at such a young age. I realize the laws are not set up to keep jailed minors beyond certain ages, but at what point do lawmakers decide those laws need to be changed? Will Venables have to abuse and/or kill more children for something to be done?

What do you think? Did Veneables, Thompson, or Bell deserve those new identities? What needs to be done with them now to protect children?

Thanks to Rhonda Hopkins for alerting me to this story!


6 comments on… “Thriller Thursday: Child Killer Released – Again”

  1. Sometimes it feels like the system just doesn’t work. I don’t know how a life prison sentence can be turned into a new life with fresh identities.

  2. Child killers are heinous and should be locked away forever. But looking at the somewhat misguided overly liberal crowd in the case of and Thompson one out of two ain’t bad.

  3. Linda Williams Stirling

    No, no, no. Psychopathy rears its head at an early age, but often isn’t acted out as murder until a person is older. To act in such a way at such an early age suggests strong and dangerous psychopathic personalities. The odds they will abuse and murder again are very high. They are a danger to society, and hiding their identities leaves potential victims even more vulnerable. A life sentence should be a sentence for life. That’s just my one/half cent (accounting for inflation).

  4. Three thoughts (actually a lot more but only three that are printable):
    1) England’s legal system seems to be even more messed up than ours!
    2) Having anything to do with child porn should carry the same penalty as child abuse since a child is being abused when the porn is created.
    3) All too often it is conservatives who slash budgets to the bone, causing the release of prisoners who wouldn’t otherwise be paroled because there are no cells to keep them in! (One should think twice before you imply that any group of people are sympathetic to psychopathic child abusers and killers.)

  5. Just saw this Stacy. Thanks for the mention. 🙂

    I just can’t even imagine letting him out again. And to give new identities to monsters so they can fade in with the rest of the unsuspecting population is just nuts.

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