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Today’s Thriller Thursday features two current cases, one local (Iowa) and the other national. Iowa City, Iowa On January 3, Kirk Levin, age 21 was arrested and charged with murdering his mother and kidnapping another woman within hours of his release from prison on New Year’s Day. Levin was arrested on kidnapping charges after a … Read the rest
Welcome to my first edition of Twisted Facts! As most of you know, I’m a research nerd. Mondays will be about whatever odd fact on history, crime, technology and whatever else catches my eye. Dumb crime and bonehead criminals are a favorite topic for me. With all the cruelty in this world and the topics I … Read the rest
Hi guys! I’m sorry for the confusion with the Feedburner sign up. I am still learning a lot of this stuff. I’ve now made it easier to resubscribe – you can now sign up with your email to receive my updates from Feedburner. Here’s the information on the perks of resubscribing and the new links. … Read the rest

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