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Row80 Check-In 12-7-11 The Day of Infamy

Today is the seventieth anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Please take a moment to remember all the brave souls that lost their lives on that day and to thank those who continue to protect us.

For the history buffs: Franklin D. Roosevelt’s address to Congress after the Pearl Harbor attack.

ROW80 Update

The marketing strategy for INTO THE DARK is complete and that specific query sent.

Tomorrow’s Thriller Thursday post is ready to go.

I sat down with Kait Nolan’s Novel Notebook and revisited THE PROPHET. I realized I’d gotten out of touch with my characters (it had been a few weeks since I’d written anything for it), and so I filled out the Character Worksheets Kait supplies. I also worked on some plot questions and filled out a novel timeline.

I remembered why I was so excited for this book. The plot is intense, the twists tricky, and the characters interesting. The Prophet has a lot of potential, and starting Thursday, I’m going to throw myself into writing for the next few weeks. I don’t want to send out anymore queries this year, and I think focusing on the new book is just the ticket to keep my mind from wandering.

And…I wrote 500 words of The Prophet last night. Not a lot, but my goal was 250, and I’d already written Thriller Thursday, so I’m pretty proud.

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement over the last few months!

Goals for Sunday Check-In
Simple: Write! Get as much done on The Prophet as I can with limited time (kids and life).

How is your week shaping up? Row80 is drawing to a close-are you enjoying the experience? Falling short? Looking forward to Round 5?

In memory of Pearl Harbor, do you have any WWII vets in your family? If so, what did you learn from them about the war?

22 comments on… “Row80 Check-In 12-7-11 The Day of Infamy”

  1. It’s hard for me to forget the anniversary of Pearl Harbor since it’s the day before my birthday. It’s great that you are reminding people though.

    Good work on your writing goals. It sounds like you got ahead for the week. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh wow! Well, Happy early Birthday. I just couldn’t do a post today without mentioning it.

    And thank you! I did, for once.

  3. Woot woot – well done! I am sure the marketing plan was a huge amount of work so yeahhhhh!! And then to get back on track with the Prophet – amazing. You’ve had a great week thus far and likely fueled yourself up for the rest…sweet! Keep up the GREAT work!

    • The marketing plan was tough, and I can only hope I did it correctly. I was nervous about formatting, etc. Thanks. I’m feeling better about The Prophet and hope to continue tomorrow. Hope you’re having a great week, too!

  4. heatherishither

    Good work! I thought this your update was going to be infamous. Thanks for the reminder about Pearl Harbor. Have a good rest of your week and good luck diving back into your WIP.

  5. Great job! Keep up that writing. It can be hard to get that butt-in-chair, hands-on-keyboard time. I’ve also started a new project – a YA novel and logged about 2,500 words yesterday. Also editing another novel, so I may be switching around between the two. Best wishes to finish strong!

    • It can be very hard for me. Sometimes that’s the worst part about being at home. I have so many distractions, lol.

      And WOW on your new project! So excited for you. Is your previous novel YA? Good luck, and thanks:)

  6. You’re so focused and organized, Stacy. Reading your posts dealing with these lists of goals really encourages me to set and meet my own. Thank you!
    And The Prophet sounds interesting!

    • Really? Wow. I feel just the opposite most days, especially looking around my house right now. Looks like a tornado hit it, lol. You’re welcome – glad I could motivate you.


  7. Stacy, I have really enjoyed watching you as you move through the process of polishing up your novel and dealing with queries and all the rest. And I’m so glad to hear that you’ve started work on The Prophet again — it definitely sounds like a novel that I’ll want to read. πŸ™‚

    There aren’t any WWII vets in my family, but my grandfather was a young boy living in the Philippines when it was occupied by the Japanese. He’s told us a couple of stories about that time, one where he was shining the shoes of a Japanese soldier. Apparently he didn’t have any water, and so he spit on the man’s shoes instead, which earned him a beating. Another story I’ve heard is that he stole potatoes from the soldiers, and escaped by jumping into the water and swimming away.

    Best of luck for the rest of the week!

    • Thanks so much, Lena. Sometimes I wonder if I’m being too verbal about the query process, but this is one of the few places I can talk about it and know people will understand.

      As for your grandfather, that’s very interesting. I can’t imagine what it was like to live in those times of turmoil. Thank you for sharing:)

  8. Stacy, what a fabulous update! You’re getting your groove back on, I can tell!!

    My grandfather, two great uncles and an uncle by marriage were all in WWII and, though most of them have passed on now, I’ve heard many stories. The very interesting thing is the way my dad and uncle remember it all. They moved 28 times by the time my dad graduated high school and my grandma used to always say he started crying as a small boy whenever she took down the curtains.

    The sacrifices Americans made during the 30’s and 40’s are astonishing and inspiring. I thank every single member of the military that I meet. Freedom isn’t free.

    • Thank you. Slowly but surely, although had a knock today.

      Very cool about your family history. I know there are few WWII vets left now.How interesting your dad remembers it that way. My dad can remember food rations (he still has them) and the air raid sirens going off.

      Yes, Americans made a lot of sacrifices today’s generation can’t even fathom.


  9. Stacy, please do keep talking about the query process; for me, as for others, I’m sure, that is the darkness beyond the door at the end of the hallway. I’m familiar with writing, and how to work on the craft–querying? big darkness at end of hallway. Scary!

    Thanks for the reminder about Pearl Harbor. I never forget, because my father and my uncle were in WWII; I wrote about them on Veteran’s Day, which I also never forget. The picture of the Arizona memorial brings home the sacrifices of that time so clearly.

    • I will:) Querying is very scary, and I was lucky have a lot of people helping. Fortunately there are a lot of places out there to learn from, and you just have to keep working on it. And I’ve already learned a lot in the past couple of months:)

      You’re welcome on the reminder. I would love a link to your post about your father and uncle. WWII is one of my favorite history topics.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Stacy, I realized after I posted my comment that I cut a lot out of my Veterans’ Day post. Here is the link

        My father was in the Army Air Forces; he still feels guilty that he was never sent overseas. I think my uncle’s experiences weigh heavily on him.

        My uncle was at Utah Beach, and asked to be transferred. The Navy sent him to the He seemed to be okay for a along while, but when the 50th anniversary celebrations were held, he seemed to crumble, and passed away soon afterwards.

        I’m writing a short story about a British war bride coming to the States–I love WWII as well.

        • Thank you for the link! Your poor dad. That generation’s sense of duty is so amazing. I don’t think too many feel that way now. Wow, Utah Beach and the Pacific. I can’t imagine what he went through. Bless him.

          Your short story sounds really interesting! Good luck with it:)

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