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Manic Monday – Finding the Perfect Jeans

Due to this post from Roni Loren (thank you for the warning, Roni) I’ve decided to remove most photos. 
First off, I would like to say my figure doesn’t quite look like any of the women above. Picture a flatter butt and a belly with some extra sag thanks to the kid and being overweight for so long and you’ve got it.
That said, why is it IMPOSSIBLE to find a perfect fitting pair of jeans? I thought once I got down to a size 10, my problem would choosing which awesomely-fitting pair to buy, not spending an hour in the dressing room trying to find one.
My gut is my worst enemy. Despite the weight loss, I’ve got the belly flab. I’m working on it, but it’s not going away overnight. Or in a few months, apparently. Since brands CANNOT unify their sizes, every pair is different. I’ve got a pair of Old Navy 10s that fit amazing in the legs, my butt looks great (for me), but the waist is too loose. A rare problem for me. Next are Levi’s. They run small, so I wear a size larger. I’ve got a couple pair of their “perfect fit,” with the new waistband, and they are comfortable, but far from perfect.
I also run into the whole leg issue; half the time the ones that fit great in the waist are too long. I do have a pair of Gap Long and Leans that I found at Goodwill ( a great place to shop for jeans) that look pretty good. But they’re still a bit loose.
And what is it with these low cut waists? It seems 90% of the jeans out there are like that. Doesn’t the fashion industry realize the vast majority of us don’t look like their models? That we have hips and have had kids, and those low cut THINGS make us spend all day hiking up our pants. And belts don’t work, because getting them tight enough to keep the creepers up causes the dreaded muffin top syndrome.
Of course, there are designer jeans like PZI that claim to have the perfect jeans for women with curves. Translate: REAL WOMEN. Problem is, they’re not available in every state and they’re expensive. Who has $90 to spend on a pair of jeans? And if we do, you know it’s that ONE special pair that you’re terrified to wear because you might stain them.
Why can’t anyone come up with a jean that fits comfortably without charging an entire week’s worth (or more) of groceries? More importantly, it is impossible to come up with jeans that show your shape without cutting off your circulation and disappearing into your nether regions?
Is there no hope for the perfect pair of women’s jeans? Are we too picky, too self-conscious? Have you found the elusive pair?

31 comments on… “Manic Monday – Finding the Perfect Jeans”

  1. Good idea. I did buy two pairs of those Levis, but had trouble finding straight leg. I actually love the Gap ones and think I need to make a trip to the outlet mall to find some more.Thanks!

  2. Ugh, I hate jeans. They aren't that comfortable and when I do wear them I wear pairs that are slightly loose. I do not like to be saran wrapped into my clothing. For me, clothes are purely about comfort. In response to your question, yes we are too picky and self-conscious. Our bodies have bellies and they do not like to be crammed into non-expanding material. I hope you find some comfy jeans that fit and you can rock them no matter what! 😉

  3. Seriously – one of my biggest pet peeves as well. I carry almost all of my weight in my thighs so I typically have to buy jeans about 4 sizes too big and spend oodles of cash on alterations to take the waist in. Makes no sense. Why aren't they making sexy, affordable jeans for real women??? Huge market!! If you find a pair, share the wealth…I've succumb to wearing yoga pants…in public…ugh!!

  4. Hi Stacy – good to *see* you again 🙂 So funny (and not the ha-ha kind) that jeans are the bane of women's existence – the picture on both sides of our love/hate coin! In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, I looked at my friend Wendy and said, "Oh, well it's just stuff. I wish I'd grabbed that one of pair of jeans, though…"

  5. SaraI love jeans. It's the shopping for them that makes me want to hurt someone. I like slightly loose pairs as well, as long as they don't sag on my butt. Agree, women are too picky and self-conscious, but society has helped make us that way. Thanks!NatalieUGH. That is rough. I don't know why they can't make sexy, affordable jeans. It doesn't cost that much to make them and the name brand usually isn't any better. I wear yoga pants in public too, mostly because I'm lazy, lol. I will!Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

  6. Hi Shelly, you too:)I'm sorry you had to deal with Irene. Hope you didn't lose too much. And yes, I would have done the same thing. A good pair is irreplaceable. Thanks, hope you're well.

  7. I love jeans too. It's all I wear in cooler months. You can dress then up if need be, or just wear them with a cozy sweatshirt. I an short and petite so have my own problems finding the right ones. I almost ALWAYS have to get them hemmed, which adds another $12 onto the purchase price. I own like 20 pair of jeans just because I'm always searching for that one perfect pair!!

  8. Michael AnnI'm the same way. Jeans can look great with heels and a nice sweater. Getting them hemmed would be a total pain in the butt. I hope you find the perfect pair soon:)

  9. I've been considering getting some of my jeans tailored – or would it be cheaper to buy the expensive ones? I'm wondering if it's partially because every woman is different, so it's impossible to make the perfect pair of jeans. Although you're right, they seem to market overwhelmingly to model types. My chronic problem is that I'm short with big hips – I'm actually relatively skinny, but I have a very hourglass figure. The jeans that are short enough don't accommodate my hips, the jeans that accommodate my hips are too long.

  10. AnnaliseI've never had jeans tailored. I would say check on it, because I don't think it's that expensive. I guess it depends on the cost of jeans you're buying. Yes, we are all different and that's part of the issue, but the hip huggers are everywhere. They're more for teens and really thin women, IMO.It sounds like you should check into getting your jeans tailored. If you can find ones that fit in the waist and hips, I bet getting them hemmed wouldn't be much.Good luck, and thanks!

  11. Hahahahaha…oh my goodness. I think this might be one of my favorite posts for the day. I have terrible luck as well. The only place that's worked for me, since I had kids, is New York and Company. Their waists come up high, but they have really attractive styles for a great price. You can find skinny jeans, flares, etc, but all with a waist cut for real women. Thank you for bringing attention to this situation…LOL

  12. Great post. I laughed, but I sympathize, too. The low cut jeans are the weirdest thing in the world. Even when I was sick and underweight, they still didn't fit right. Every time I stood from a sitting position, I had to tug them back up so I didn't display my butt crack.I also have a tough time because I have very long legs for my height and size. The "regular" jeans are flood pants–and I'm not wearing flood pant. I'll wear a dress first. The "long" jeans are really made for a woman a few inches taller than I, so they puddle at my ankles. Gap jeans fit me best of all. The bricks and mortar store here told me that if I ordered online and didn't like what I got they'd exchange or refund no questions asked. So that might be a thought if you're not wanting to hit the outlet mall. 😀

  13. Give up – I did. Seriously, I no longer find jeans comfortable for all the reaons you state, and shoppinig for them ranks lower than buying a bathing suit. In fact, post-3-babies I find – wait for it – PANTYHOSE- more comfortable than jeans and infinitely easier to shop for! Hose, long skirts and flats – it's the new me! Thanks for sharing this post. Hey and how 'bout those "skinny jeans"? Aren't they a gem?!

  14. Jeans are so difficult….and don't even get me started on the dance you have to do to get in them after they've been washing. I'm bouncing around the room like the floor is on fire. Ridiculous! Then once you get them in place you have to zip them. Oh the inhumanity! Thanks for the laugh. Continue the search and I will too!

  15. LOL, Paige. Glad you enjoyed it! New York and Company sounds like a possibility, but I'm not sure they have one around here. I'll have to check it out. I'm not much for the flares, but I would love to find a regular straight leg that didn't involve a low waist.

  16. CatieThe low cuts are a pain in the butt. I spend half my time yanking them up. LOL on the flood pants. Those are never any good. I'll have to check out Gap online. We used to have a store here, but they closed. I know there's one in Iowa City, but if I go there I may as well go the extra fifteen minutes and go to the outlet mall.AigBuying a bathing suit is pretty miserable, too. It was much better for me this year, but still not a lot of fun. Pantyhose, really? I've always hated those things, lol. Skinny jeans = yuck!Thanks!

  17. AnnieI totally forgot about the dance. That's always fun. Why is it the ones that are the tightest after a wash are usually the loosest an hour later? You're welcome, thanks for commenting!

  18. Stacy, What a fun post and common problem. Jeans! I, too, have found better fits at Goodwill, but when I go to buy them new they fit differently. Why is that? So far, it's Old Navy bootcut and Gap bootcut – medium rise. But still not perfect.2 yrs ago I made a find at Chico's. White jeans for 9.99! Honest. I wear white a lot in CA. Great fit, a little short, perfect w/flip-flops. Wear like iron. Think they have on sale once a year. Enjoyed all the comments.:)

  19. Perfect post! My hubby and I went outlet shopping on Friday, and I found a pair of Levi's that fit great. Now I am totally wishing I had bought TWO pairs – at least. When you find some that fit, stock up!By the way, I'm a pretty small gal so juniors often fit me better, and those are 99.9% low rise. Muffin top city, I can tell you. Hard to find a pair my mother wouldn't scold me for wearing!

  20. I LOVE this post. Me and jeans and my body have been fighting for too many years. I am one of those shoppers who will buy in bulk when I find the sit. I walk and walk and walk, and still my body does not resemble Heidi Klum. What's up with that? Seriously, thank your for the smile.

  21. I buy Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and nothing else. They have a somewhat stretchy waist, which is great because I'm a diabetic and have a port under my skin on my stomach, so tight jeans is definitely not an option. I've actually had to start buying a size up because sometimes the sites bruise and snug jeans hurt. So does low-waist, ugh. My biggest problem is the length. Short hikes up my leg after several washes, but I don't like trekking all over the bottoms of the average length. Yes, buying jeans sucks. Why can't things last forever? =P

  22. JulieExactly on juniors! And seriously, most girls don't look good in those low rise suckers. Yes, when you find some that fit, buy in bulk, lol. It's the only way to go.BrendaThanks! I had to post about it because I thought jean shopping would be so much easier after losing weight. Nope. Just a new kind of frustration. As for the body thing, I think it's a combination of genetics and having the money for a personal chef and trainer;)AngelaI don't think I've tried those for a long time. Wow, are you a Type 1? My mom is a type 2 and it really sucks. Would be so frustrating to have to deal with the port and jeans. They don't make things that last forever because they need our money, lol.Thanks, ladies!

  23. NancyChicos, huh? I don't think we have one here. I think they fit better when you get them from Goodwill because they're nicely worn and ready. That's how I like my jeans. I've found some really great buys there, especially when I was a different size every month. Like you, Gap works pretty well for me.Thanks!

  24. Perfect timing because I'm sorely in need of new jeans and dread the shopping excursion to find them. I have an hour glass figure and carry weight in my thighs, but I have to go up so many sizes to fit the thighs that waist, length, etc. all are too big. The thighs of size 14 or 16 jeans are the same size as a 10, no matter the style. Even when I lost a lot of weight I couldn't buy a smaller size because of the thighs. For that reason I've started wearing jeans less and less.

  25. Being a broke ass (no pun intended) who buys everything on sale, I wait until the end of the season and then buy something that fits well. Like Kelly, if I find something that fits REALLY well, I may purchase a couple more pairs, and then eat toothpaste the rest of the month!

  26. JulieYou know, I used to have an hour glass figure even when I was heavy, and during any thinner times, my thighs still carried weight. Now that I've lost so much, it's just the opposite. Thighs look great and extra pudge in my tummy. Go figure! And you're right, the thighs are always the same size – that's really rough. Have you thought of getting them tailored? Thanks:)ElizabethI feel that pain as well. I'm a stay at home mom who does a bit of child care, so I have to stick to a budget. Eating toothpaste is worth it if you find some amazing jeans;) Thanks!

  27. I like the Rider jeans that you can buy at WalMart. The thing I like most is that I can buy a petite (for my short legs) in my size (which is by no means petite). Try those out and see if they'd work for you.

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