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Cage Foster returns!


You asked for it, and now it’s here…or coming soon! After getting inspired from my experience at the Writer’s Police Academy in September, I realized Cage Foster had a lot more story to tell.

Delta Crossroads readers remember Cage Foster as the one who tamed the Damned Yankee and helped to solve one of the grisliest crimes in Adams County history. Now a newly minted Criminal Investigator for the Adams County Police, Cage’s life is once again turned upside down. His fiancé is expecting, Cage is terrified of being a bad father, and he’s determined to prove himself worthy of his new position.

The first book releases January 12th on all vendors, but Kindle readers can buy their copy now! That means the book will download to your device at midnight on the 12th, and you’ll be able to read Cage’s story first!

Living Victim (Delta Detectives #1) January 2015

When a hoarder is found dead in his bathtub, Cage Foster believes he’s dealing with a natural death. A perimeter search reveals a hidden horror, and clues point to the kidnapping of a local girl once presumed dead. Cage must find the living victim before it’s too late. Will he lose himself in the process? 


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