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Eating Healthy on Vacation and Avoiding the Car Munchies

Eating healthy is a lifetime challenge. It’s hard enough to stay on track when we’re at home, in familiar surroundings and in total control of our meals, but it’s another when we’re on vacation. The temptation of new foods, alcohol, and snacks are strong. Everyone deserves a break, and it’s okay to broaden your eating horizons on vacation.

But how can we avoid letting the perpetually hungry monster inside of ran rampant?

Everyone has a different trick, but here are some great ways to keep the monster from eating you into a new size.

For the road-trippers like me, pack a cooler full of water and healthy snacks. They’re better for your body and your wallet. Make sure they’re low-cal and high in protein like an apple of Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is extremely high in protein and much better than regular yogurt. I’ve tried all the brands my local stores carry, and my favorites are Fage and Chobaini. Chobaini’s honey Greek yogurt is fantastic!

Snack often. Having a healthy snack midmorning and mid afternoon is really important in keeping our appetites under control. Protein bars are great for this. Many are low in calories and high in protein, and they come in all different flavors, including chocolate. Mmmm. Special K has some great ones, as well as EAS. They’re high in protein and really low on carbs.

Drink lots water. The staple of any healthy diet! Keeps us full and is great for the skin.

Keep your bread choices to whole grain when possible.

If you’re going to be camping like me, (we spend a week fishing and staying at cabins. My family has gone to the same place since my dad was a kid) stock up on lean meats like fish and chicken. Get turkey-dogs instead of beef. You can also make a great veggie plate to go with this: simply chop up your favorites—I like red and green peppers, onions, asparagus, squash, and zucchini. Toss them in a ziplock bag, add some olive oil, real salt (sea salt), pepper, and basil. Shake ‘em up and toss on the grill. Tastes yummy and will keep you from gorging on dessert.

Last but not least… the alcohol. I know we all look forward to relaxing and embibing more than we do at home, but remember the wasted calories. Limit yourself to one extra drink, two at the most. Your waistline and hangover-free body will thank you later!

What are some of your tips for eating healthy eating on vacation?

8 comments on… “Eating Healthy on Vacation and Avoiding the Car Munchies”

  1. So funny, but so true. Love all your

  2. I moved from Florida to Seattle about 10 years ago and drove my car and what would fit in it cross country. We made unwise choices in our food, and MAN, does not help you stay awake or keep your energy. The last time I did a "to the lake" type trip we ate great. Lots of veggies to grill, and I LOVE portabellos seasoned like I would season a steak. I don't feel lethargic after I eat, but get that yummy flavor.We also would grill fruit for dessert – particularly peaches or pineapple. Yum.Have a great time!

  3. WOW. That is one long trip! No, it doesn't Car eating is the worst for me. This is my first trip since losing the weight, so I'm planning, lol.Mmm … I forgot about mushrooms. Those are tasty on the grill, too. Grilled peaches or pineapple? Have never tried, but I'll have to.Thanks!

  4. Stacy, these are wonderful suggestions! I admit to having some difficulty in staying within an acceptable calorie consumption rate when I'm on vacation. I think it's the concept of finally being able to relax and do what you want. That said, I have to get better at drinking more water and eating small meals throughout the day. Today I visited the doctor who told me I'm doing a very big disservice to myself in only eating one meal a day. Grief. I really, really have to start snacking on nutrient dense raw vegetables and fruit!

  5. GypsyGlad you liked the suggestions. I completely understand about staying in line during vacation – and it's exactly the concept of being able to relax. Doesn't help when everyone else around you is gorging. One meal a day is SO bad for you. Raw veggies and fruit are key, as well as healthy protein.Good luck! I'm always here for encouragement!

  6. We just returned from our Iowa trip. I read this post before I left. I managed to avoid the chocolate chip cookies on the way there, but on return trip — I got a little munchie. It was great to see Iowa without a winter coat — green and nice.

  7. How was the weather? It's rained all week up here. Yeah, I did great on the way there, but I've indulged in too many desserts this week. Got to get back on it starting tomorrow.

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