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Last Weekend on Earth?! iTunes from us!


EDITED 12-18-12. The contest is over – thanks to all who entered. Susie Lindau, you’re our winner. Check your email, and congrats!

We all know about the supposed Mayan Apocalypse. The ancient Mayan Calendar ends on December 21st, which is next Friday. Of all the recent doomsday scenarios, this one seems to strike the most fear into people. NASA has gone so far as to create a blog and FAQ page to head off the questions.

Here’s a link to NASA’s “Why The World Won’t End.” It’s got a specific page for the Mayan Calendar, which basically says the calendar ends because it’s starting over, much like our own calendar. It also dispels the supposed cover-up of the planet Nibiru, which is probably my favorite conspiracy theory: somehow, NASA and the US government has control of ALL astronomers in the world, forcing them to keep silent about the planet getting ready to crash into us. Right.

I think it’s all a load of bunk. But what would I do if I really believed it was our last weekend on earth?

I’d like to say I would do all the things I’ve always been too afraid to do: fly, go up in a hot air balloon, sky dive, ride a roller coaster. But I think I’d focus on my last meals. I’d start out the day with a plate full of bacon. And a few pancakes. Some Nutella for a mid-morning snack. Cheese tortellini for lunch, chocolate chip cookies for afternoon snack, sausage casserole for dinner. For dessert, a piece of white cake, loaded with super rich, very sweet icing. Then a nice glass or full bottle of Moscotto. I’d go out with class, of course. Bloated and shamed, but satisfied.

All my gluttony would be accompanied by a great soundtrack, of course! That’s why I’ve joined with some great authors to give away a iTunes gift card – just in time for the Last Weekend on Earth. All you have to do to enter is like Amazon Author Pages or Facebook–contest ends Monday morning, so make sure you hit the link and ENTER!

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18 comments on… “Last Weekend on Earth?! iTunes from us!”

  1. authortamaraward

    Yes, Anna! Let’s all party at Stacy’s house! Fun post; thanks, Stacy!

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  3. Oh my goodness! I loved this, Stacy. One of my favorite parts of the movie Defending Your Life (with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep) was how Streep had discovered that she could eat as much as she wanted in the afterlife and never gain a pound. She ate everything in sight! LOL.

    I think I’d deep fry everything I could, use my savings to stock up on Godiva chocolates, and make a big pan of my great grandmother’s cornbread dressing recipe. Happy End of the World!

    • Thank you! I haven’t seen the movie, but I bet I would love it! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

      Deep fry is wonderful. We had Zombie Burger last weekend – my burger had deep fried bacon and a fried pickle. Awesome.

      I like your plan!

  4. Hi Stacy. Thanks for the NASA link. I was tempted to eat two donuts this morning but I’m betting on the world continuing. It does all make me question why I am going to hike in the cold for exercise today but I’ll go ahead and hike.

    Happy holidays to all.

    • LOL. The Nasa link is really interesting. There is also a wikiHow on how to deal with Doomsday fears. Just read that tonight. Mmm…donuts.

  5. Now I feel like a jerk. I didn’t even consider food. My mind was set on wondering how many times I could engage in sex with my hubz before the planet ka-sploded. I’m almost tempted to skip the sex for food, wine, & chocolate, though. It’s a close call!

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