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Row80 Check In 12-14-11: Persistence Matters

So far this week, my writing process has been turtle slow, but it’s paying off. I went back and revisited some of Margie Lawson’s DEEP Character Analysis (courtesy of Jenny Hansen’s blog contest) and have been implementing in my writing. Some of you know The Prophet started as a Friday Flash piece, and I’ve been building from that. Since I plotted after I wrote the first couple of scenes, I decided to go back and flesh them out. I’m working through all that I’ve written so far to make sure the writing is strong and plot cohesive. This is also helping me get a feel for the characters again.

I’ve only managed about 2K since Sunday, but it’s quality writing I’m happy with. This approach is helping me remember why I love writing so much and why I’m so excited about this new manuscript.

Goals for Sunday Check In:

Finish going through the first chapters of The Prophet, implementing DEEP Edits.

Finish and post Thriller Thursday.

Wrap at least 5 of Grace’s Christmas presents. Somehow I got stuck with our gifts for her AND my parents, since they’re having Christmas with us this year. So I have a ton to wrap!

How is your week coming along? Are you racing to the ROW80 finish or turtling to the finish line?

16 comments on… “Row80 Check In 12-14-11: Persistence Matters”

  1. Ryan King

    Glad to hear you’re bringing the love back to your writing. We all write at our own speed. And if you’re happy, that’s what counts. Keep it up!

  2. At least you’re at the wrapping part. I didn’t even buy the presents yet LOL But I plan to this weekend … even b/c I’m leaving for my parents house on Thursday, so I better be done, right lol
    And it’s okay to be slow, especially during holiday season. I think everyone is slowing down.
    Good luck with your goals for Sunday! Have a good rest of the week 😉

    • LOL. I think I’m finally done shopping. I’ve been buying a little at a time, which is bad because I end up spending too much money.

      I agree about the slowing down. Everyone wants to finish the year strong, but after so many months of working hard, it’s tough to push through.

      Thanks, and you, too!

  3. Creepy new blog header! I’m deep in client edits this week. My goal was to finish revising my YA manuscript, which I did, and finishing planning my new YA. I’m not sure I’m going to finish planning though. Too much editing on my plate this week. Of course I don’t mind that at all. I love editing. 🙂

    • Thanks! I wanted something more representative of what I write. Sounds like you have a full week. Editing takes a ton of time and patience, so good for you. Good job on finishing the revising!

  4. If you need a hand wrapping I’ll help. I LOOOOVEE to wrap presents and I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’m a good wrapper. They always look pretty. 🙂 But if I help you wrap that mean’s I won’t be writing. hmmmm…. hard decision. If there’s eggnog I’m in!

    • I would love for you to help me:) It gets tedious for me. I’m okay, but not the greatest. I’m jealous of your skills.

      Hmm…eggnog. And rum. Don’t forget the rum;)

  5. I love Margie Lawson’s classes. They are so unique and teach something so differently than most writing craft books. In fact, I should review mine.

    • They are definitely unique. She’s spent A LOT of time going through the various books and really analyzing. It takes a long time to go through the lectures but they’re well worth it.

  6. Congrats on keeping on, keepin’ on. Edits are rough, as I should know, seein’ I have gotten stuck in the process. (Finally decided to circle ’round the chapter giving me so much problem and come back to it later.) Well, and there was life and other commitments, too.

    • That’s part of what I’m doing now, actually. I’m having trouble with the scene leading up to the first turning point, and I think that’s in part because some of the lead up isn’t filled out. I’m hoping this will solve the problem.


  7. Ruth Nestvold

    Oh, turtles-r-us! I had to change my goals, since I really want to get my Arthurian historical fantasy up as an ebook before Christmas, and that’s taking all my time now. But as you say, slow and steady works too — as long as we keep working!

    Good luck on your goals and have a great rest of the week. 🙂

    • Ooh, your book sounds interesting. And I’m sure it’s taking up a lot of time. Lots of things to do before it’s ready to post. I don’t envy you. I had to adjust my Row80 goals as well, because the query letter, synopsis, etc. took up a lot more time than I anticipated.

      Thanks, and you, too!

  8. You are doing amazing Stacy! It sounds like you made fantastic, strong progress on The Prophet…woot woot! Good luck with wrapping.
    Christmas has absolutely taken over my life so WIP and all writing (other than blogging) has gone on the backburner. I’ll get back to it after the holidays. 🙂

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