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Serial September is rolling full steam ahead (cliché alert), and this week, we’re talking about team killers. Two men are responsible for making true crime into a genre of its own: Dick Hickock and Perry Smith. Truman Capote told their story when he wrote In Cold Blood. If you’ve read it (and if you haven’t, … Read the rest
Happy Monday morning! I’m excited to be guest posting at Crime Fiction Collective. Here’s a little snippet: Forensic psychologists aren’t profilers. According to the forensic psychologist I recently interviewed, forensic psychologists as profilers is the biggest misconception the general public has of their profession. These people are essential to our legal system. They make crucial decisions … Read the rest
Michelle, welcome to Turning The Page! I’m very excited to host another MuseItUp Publishing Author. Thank you for having me.  I’m so excited to be here! Tell us about your debut novel, Concilium. It’s urban fantasy and sounds different than anything I’ve read, and I’m looking forward to its release on July 27th. Concilium tells the … Read the rest
I’m very excited to have author Susan Royal visiting the blog today. Her debut novel from MuseItUp Publishing is out now, and she’s here to tell us all about it. Hi, Susan! Welcome to Turning The Page. Thanks so much for having me.  It’s great to be here. Tell us about your current release, Not … Read the rest
Due to this post from Roni Loren (thank you for the warning, Roni) I’ve decided to remove most photos from Thriller Thursday. I hope you’re still able to enjoy them! We’re going to do something different today. Instead of profiling a heartbreaking true crime case, I’m going to talk about a place most of us likely fear: … Read the rest