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Friday Mashup!

On this busy and hopefully happy Mother’s Day weekend, I’m sharing my favorite blogs and tweeters with you all. These guys make me think, laugh, and work hard. Have a great weekend!

Donna Galanti
Donna’s blog Writing With Gusto is full of writing info and a great place for writers to meet. She invites authors to guest blog as well, providing a different viewpoint of the experience.

Melanie McCullough
On her blog A New Kind of Ordinary, Melanie is an aspiring writer blogging on all experiences writing. So far, my favorite post of hers has been: If You Can’t Say Something Mean, her experience of sharing her writing and dealing with the feedback.

Jody Hedlund – Author of The Preacher’s Bride
Jody is a fantastic resource for any writer. She posts at least twice a week, and her blogs are always relevant and thought provoking. She’s also great about replying on her blog and Twitter.

Kristen Lamb
A social media expert, Kristen’s blog Warrior Writers is fun, and she provides great content, covering the ins-and-outs of social media as well as many facets of the writing process. Recently she created the Twitter hashtag #MyWANA, in reference to her book, We Are Not Alone. It’s a great place for writers to convene and support each other.

Jodie Renner
A professional editor, Jodie’s blog is full of helpful info for any author. She’s also very approachable and provides great editorial feedback.

Crime Fiction Collective
This blog is a must for crime nuts. Several published crime/thriller authors participate, as well as editors. My favorite post so far? My Visit With Death by Andrew Kaufman. Any writer covering an autopsy needs to read this post!

Victoria Mixon, Editor
Victoria’s blog is full of writing info, and she’s got a great conversational approach.

Roz Morris, Editor and Author
Roz is the author of Nail Your Novel, and her blog of the same name is a great resource. Many of her topics turn into great discussions, and I’ve learned a lot about the pros and cons of self-publishing through her posts, as well as structure in our writing. Roz is also extremely accessible and fun to communicate with.

Because there are too many to list, everyone needs to check out #MyWANA, #amwriting, #writegoal, #authors, and #wordmongering. Using these hashtags is a great way to communicate with fellow writers. These hashtags give you a built-in support system and makes the experience better.
Finally, I’m going to steal something from Kristen Lamb this week. If you’re not using Tweetdeck to keep track of Twitter, download it now! It’s very easy and a great way to organize your lists and hashtags so you can keep track of everyone!

Until next week!

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