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#ROW80 Update & Why Critique Partners Are So Important.

This week started out rough and ended well. I had to face facts that a scene I thought was fairly solid didn’t work and come up with an alternative. At first I was pretty down because I’d spent a lot of time working out that scene, having already dumped its predecessor. I had a couple of days where I questioned my abilities and had a pity party. Thanks to my critique partner, I was able to pull myself up.

If you don’t have someone to at least bounce ideas off of, you need to get them, stat. A good critique partner won’t try to write you book, but they won’t hesitate to say a scene didn’t work. A good critique partner will also help you figure out what’s wrong with the scene (or scenes) and brainstorm ideas to fix it. Without a critique partner, I wouldn’t have known anything was wrong. I’ve read the book so many times my mind processes things as though they’re perfect. I’m so thankful she was there to say “this isn’t working.”

As for my #ROW goals, I’m happy with how the week turned out. I’ve been able to edit three chapters of Light and Dark and work through some important issues. I also wrote 1000 words of a new scene today.

The edits are moving along nicely. If I stay at this pace, I should have the first round done by my goal of Sept. 19.

I also kept up with my blog posts and definitely RT’d a lot of blogs. I was able to spend some time commenting as well.

This next week is going to be shortened as we are going out of town on Wednesday afternoon, but I hope to get in my blogs and through another chapter before we leave.

How did your #ROW80 week go?

And if you haven’t joined the challenge, you should. More about it here.

10 comments on… “#ROW80 Update & Why Critique Partners Are So Important.”

  1. Thanks, Amber. I think it helps to have the goals set. Gives me something to stick too.

  2. Congratulations on getting a critique partner – I didn't realise you'd found one. That really is excellent news – they're an absolute GODSEND!!Well done on your writing and editing, too. Sounds like you're on a roll 😀

  3. Yes, I have. She's able to read a few chapters a week which is great. She's been a HUGE help. So many things I wouldn't have even thought of.And thank you!

  4. Great news on all the work. Looks like I'll need to check out the challenge. I know some folks don't care that much about challenges, but I like deadlines — doable deadlines. Happy writing.

  5. Thanks, Stacy. That's what I like about #ROW80 because you set your own goals, so they don't have to be unrealistic.

  6. Always hard to start over and fix something, but it sounds like you've got a handle on it. You're certainly making great progress!I am also out some next week, so I've been writing blog posts like crazy and trying to schedule them so I don't have to mess with it when I may not have an internet connection anyway. Enjoy your trip!

  7. Thanks, Julie. It was tough at first, but once I finally got started it actually went pretty well.Good for you for planning ahead! I'm trying to get my Thursday post done as well. I'll have internet but not a lot of time.

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