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Harry Potter, Exciting News, and #ROW80 Check In 7/17/11

Hello, all! I’ve been absent on Twitter the last few days because I was out of town. Rob, Grace, and I went up to Saint Paul to stay with a friend and had a great time. Hit the Mall of America and the Nickelodeon theme park, Saw the Science Center, Children’s Museum, went to the NKOTBSB concert (Grace’s first concert, she loved it) and then to the Minnesota Zoo.

We capped it off by seeing Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 2 yesterday. No words can describe the experience. I had high hopes for the movie, and it exceeded my expectations. It was a beautiful ending to the series, and they did the book an incredible justice. Every one of the actors was suburb, and I’m already scheming as to when I can see it again. It’s hard to believe this was the last movie, and it’s been fun watching the actors grow into well-rounded adults.

On the #ROW80 front, I have to think everyone who commented on my last post. Your thoughts helped me so much with my plot issue, and I did manage to get it worked out. It means a lot to have an online community to go to when I run into walls.

I haven’t gotten a lot of writing done, but I knew I wouldn’t. But with the plot issue solved, I know the scenes I need to work on and feel like I’m back on track. I also managed to get some more plotting done for The Prophet, and I’m very excited about what I’ve got planned for it.

And my exciting news? The wonder Jenny Hansen held a contest at her blog this past week, and I won! I get to choose one of Margie Lawsen’s lecture packets, which is awesome. If you haven’t checked out Margie’s deep editing analysis, you should. Really opened my eyes to some of my strengths and weaknesses. I haven’t decided which packet to choose from, but I can’t think Jenny enough.

Hope you all had a great week, and don’t forget to check out the blog tomorrow. Laura Pauling will be answering my questions!

6 comments on… “Harry Potter, Exciting News, and #ROW80 Check In 7/17/11”

  1. Look at that pretty picture of you and your daughter! Thanks for the blog love…I am so excited that you won Margie Lawson's packet!Also, I dig your blog hop insert! Where it says 'get the code here' at the bottom…is that how I do that?

  2. Thanks so much, Jenny. I am, too! I know I'll learn a lot from it. And yes, that's where you insert that, but I had to delete it off here cause the page wasn't loading.

  3. Stacy, congratulations on winning the lecture packet! So glad to read you enjoyed the Harry Potter movie. I've yet to see it! It's amazing how much the actors have changed since the first HP movie! To tell you the truth, I was devasted when Rowling announced she wasn't writing any more sequels to the series.

  4. Bella,Thank you! I think I'm going to choose Empowering Character Emotions, but they're all really tempting. HP7 pt 2 is just awesome. And yes, it's amazing how much they've changed and grown. You know, I was too, but she delivered a fantastic end to it. The seventh book is a masterpiece, IMO.Thanks for posting!

  5. That's two things that you've done that have made me jealous this week! First, you win Margie's packet, and now I learn that you saw the NKOTB in concert!!! Stacy, Stacy….our friendship is on thin ice. :)Keep it going with Row 80!

  6. LOL, sorry Tiffany. Yes, seeing NKOTBSB was awesome. Both groups were great, and it meant a lot to be able to take my daughter.Hope you'll forgive me:)

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