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Celebrating One Year Published with a new look and PRIZES!

Welcome to my new blog digs! It only took me a year to get the blog directed to the website, but thanks to Jay at, I’ve got things figured out.

First off, if you want to follow the new blog via Mail Chimp, email me at, and I will add you to the list.

My Big Announcement!

My favorite books to read are dark, disturbing suspense novels, so naturally, that is the genre I write in. After a lot of research and just a few tears I’ve come to a very harsh reality: my book covers aren’t right at all. They’re beautiful and original, but the covers for Tin God and Skeleton’s Key don’t fit the genre. My books are more like Erica Spindler’s and Lisa Gardner’s, and my covers need to do a better job representing that so their readers might actually become interested in my writing. Quick clarification: that is ALL on me. I chose the design for both books, and Kimberlee Ketterman Edgar did absolutely beautiful work. I simply just didn’t understand what to tell her.

Thanks to Melinda Vanlone at Book Cover Corner, I’ve got it figured out. So with lots of virtual drum rolling, here are the new covers for Tin God and Skeleton’s Key!

TinGodEbookBnN  SkeletonKeyEbookBnN

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Celebrating with Prizes!

To celebrate my new branding and ONE YEAR of being published, I’m running a fun Rafflecopter Contest. Between now and December 1st, answer a trivia question about Skeleton’s Key and have your name entered to win a $15 Kindle Gift Card, just in time for Christmas. Second place will win a $10 Kindle gift card. All the details are here in the Rafflecopter, but here are your two choices (must answer at least one correctly):

1 What item do the police find on one of the victims that implicates Cage in his  murder?

2) Where is Ironwood’s secret passage?


8 comments on… “Celebrating One Year Published with a new look and PRIZES!”

  1. Hi Stacy, I Love the new book covers! They do represent the books better, but I also loved the original ones art work! I would also love to follow your blog. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Michelle. It was a really hard decision to make, but I believe I made the right one. Glad you like these. And I will add you!

  2. Absolutely love them!!! That’s part of being Indie. When we realize that our covers could be better or they aren’t quite right – we can change them!

    • Thanks, Laura! Yes, that is the beauty of being indie. I feel terrible for the original artist, because she does great work.

    • Thanks so much, Lauralynn! I lost sleep over choosing these, so I am happy to hear you say that:)

    • Thanks, Stacey. I think your new covers are excellent. And it is such a hard decision to make, isn’t it? I’m really glad it’s done, lol. Happy you like them!

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