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Skeleton’s Key Cover Reveal Day 10 – Cage is in trouble

We are getting close to the end! Thanks so much for all the tweets and shares for the puzzle. So glad you all are enjoying it. Here’s

SKELETON’S KEY Delta Crossroads #2

“So is my being a killer. I have no motive.”

“But you do. And you had the means. And the opportunity. Look, Cage, I’ve been on your side until now. But frankly, it’s starting to look pretty dark for you. Your affinity for history is no secret. You tried hard to save the Semple farm, and the effort failed. Then you take to Ironwood. A psychologist might wonder if you were compensating for your inability to save Lana.”

Cage bit his tongue and tasted blood.

“Ironwood is alone and unloved. Maybe you feel some sort of odd kinship with the place. Protective. You’re putting your own sweat and blood into cleaning her up. Then these two men show up with no regard for the house. You snap. Bury the bodies where it’s convenient and figure you’ll move them later.”



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