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Sample Sunday: You Can Never Go Back Again

~A quick sample from my mystery suspense, TIN GOD.~

Nick stayed motionless on the bed. Heavy quiet, the kind cultivated by bone-numbing guilt and weariness, loomed over him. He hadn’t been back to Roselea since the funeral. Shameful, he knew. Lana’s family deserved better. He just couldn’t face them, even her brother, whom he’d always liked. Burrowing into work came easy, a trait Lana had dually admired and loathed. She’d told him so the day she died. Same day Nick accused her of having an affair. He’d had no proof, no reason. Just his own shortcomings.

He still remembered the hurt simmering in Lana’s eyes. She’d said nothing. Simply stood up, gathered her briefcase and keys, and walked out. He knew then he’d made the biggest mistake of his life, but he’d been too proud to take the words back. Besides, he had a story to chase down, and begging for forgiveness would have to wait until later.

Later never came.

Nick gazed out over the town Lana had grown up in. Somewhere amid the picturesque history, a killer hid. Rebecca Newton’s body was still being autopsied, but after Nick’s frantic phone call, his brother-in-law had gone to the coroner’s office to see Rebecca first hand.

“Was like looking at my sister all over again,” Cage had said last night. “Even the purple bruise pattern on her neck looked the same. I hauled ass into the john and threw up.”

I killed your wife again last night.

The letter waited in his laptop case, still carefully sealed in the plastic bag. He should’ve known better than to try to fool himself when he first heard of Rebecca Newton’s murder. There were no coincidences.

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