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#Row80 Sunday Check In and Sharing


Happy Sunday, everyone! Remember Calvin and Hobbes? They are my all-time favorite comic, and I so wish Watterson had continued.
Anyway, I chose this pic for today’s check-in because I have lots of reasons for the happy dance.
First off, Sammy’s doing well. He’s got a lot of meds to take and is going very slow on food, but overall I’m happy. We are very lucky we didn’t lose him. He has a big, nasty scar, and he’s just going to take some time to heal. He’s been showing signs of his old self, barking at the door and hovering around when I’m cooking, if only for a few minutes. He’s still pretty tender, so he has to be carried up and down the steps to go potty. Trust me, it’s not bothering him. He’s loving all the attention.
My awesome critique partner Catie Rhodes returned the last of Light and Dark chapters, which means I’m going to end up finishing the first round of edits well ahead of schedule. And Catie really likes the book, so I’m feeling pretty giddy at the moment.
I’m getting close to querying. Thinking about that makes me nauseous, but that’s another blog post.
Even better, I’ve gotten some serious work done on The Prophet. I spent a lot of time Friday and Saturday researching locations and brainstorming my characters. I have to give an enormous shout-out to Jessica Patch for answering all the questions I had about Bible verses, passages, etc. She’s saved me a ton of time.
Thanks to Kristen Lamb, I know that the antagonist is the driving force behind any book, so I’ve been focusing on his character. His motivations are chilling, and he’s driven by some radical religious beliefs. The more I work on The Prophet, the more excited I am.
I’ve also been keeping up on my blog posts, and I’ve even been able to get ahead on a few of them, so #Row80 is back on track for me.
Favorite writing post of the week: If you normally blog about writing, how will you promote your fiction? A great discussion at Nail Your Novel.
Looking for some great new blogs to read? Check out The Red Dress Club’s weekend linkup.
How’s your #Row80 going this week?
Finally, it’s time for a little Sunday Sharing. What were your favorite blog posts this week? You can share your own or someone else’s. Did you read an awesome book or short story? I want to hear all about it!

11 comments on… “#Row80 Sunday Check In and Sharing”

  1. We always had C&H; clippings on the fridge when I was a kid. :)So glad the pup is doing better, and your goals sound like they are going well!

  2. Kelly: good job! Stacy – awesome progress. I hope to make killer progress this week.BTW – I love Calvin & Hobbes. Super glad that Sammy is doing well. 🙂 Have an awesome week!

  3. Thanks, Ninja. Hope you have a great week as well. Love the fellow Calvin and Hobbes fans:)

  4. Thanks for the shout out. Loved helping! Looking forward to reading both books. :)I didn't read any blogs over the weekend, but I'm catching up today!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you have a lot to dance about in your life. I am going to check out the blogs you suggested after work today. Can you believe – where I work they block all blogs from their internet.

  6. What a relief to hear Sammy is on the mend. I'm glad you caught the problem when you did. I did enjoy Light and Dark. I am excited to read The Prophet, too, and am enjoying helping you plan. LOL

  7. JessicaYou're very welcome. You were a huge help! Thanks for stopping by:)CarolYes, yesterday was definitely a dancing day. Yuck on your work. Totally not fair. What do they expect you do to while you're there? 😉 Thanks for stopping by!CatieYes, he's on the mend but the eating issue is worrisome. Thanks so much for all your help. I need to get writing The Prophet.

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