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#ROW80 Midweek Check-In 8/17/11

Did you know a baby raccoon covers its eyes when it’s scared? Yep. I learned that watching Billy The Exterminator last week. He rescued a family and one of the babies covered its eyes just like a scared kid. Cutest thing ever.
I was thinking about that baby raccoon as I wrote this post. The last few days haven’t been bad, just busy. Lots of work to get done on the synopsis but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Catie Rhodes directed me to this FREE lecture offered by Lisa Gardner at her Writer’s Toolbox. Gardner does a great job explaining the nuts and bolts, which is all a synopsis is.
I also have some ideas for The Prophet. I haven’t had a lot of time to write because we’ve been doing a lot of family things before school starts. Today’s my writing day, though, and I’m ready to dig in.
But my confidence has been lagging. I know we all have those moments. We read someone else’s work and wonder why the hell we even bother. I got down in the dumps Monday after starting Tess Gerritsen’s Ice Cold. How can I ever hope to be that good? My writing isn’t close to hers, blah, blah, blah.
Thankfully Catie jumped on my butt and reminded me we all start somewhere, and that even the best artists weren’t great in the beginning. Practice does make perfect.
It’s just annoying. But the effort is worth it.

Just to make you smile, another baby raccoon.
My parents had five of these outside last summer, eating the cat food.
They cried when they were frightened.
Anyway, I’ve resolved to stop covering my eyes and worrying about the “what ifs.” They’re bad news and drag me down. My writing suffers. Sometimes I’ll go a day or two without doing anything, and that’s just stupid. No one ever got anywhere by feeling sorry for themselves.
Light and Dark is in good shape for Row80. It’s ready for the next edit, which was my goal. My new goal is to get the synopsis in working shape by this weekend, as well as the query letter.
I’m going to stop worrying about following “the plan” for The Prophet and do some discovery writing. It may not be the way experts say to do it, but it works for me and that’s what counts. Once I get that under my belt, I’ll be able to figure out my turning points and go from there. My goal is to have this done by next Wednesday. Hold me to it.
On the health front, I have something to be proud of because I’ve gotten in 60 minutes of exercise for the last four days running. That’s big for me. I lost weight on a diet that banned all exercise but toning, and I excelled because I LOATHE exercise. But on day four of walking/running/biking, guess what? I feel better. Mind is shaper, I have more energy, all that jazz. It really does work.
I’m feeling pretty good about this week, but enough about me. How are your #Row80 goals coming? What have you added or revised?

17 comments on… “#ROW80 Midweek Check-In 8/17/11”

  1. Good work on the word count! I wish I could get writing every day (on WIPs at least!). OMG baby raccoon! Exercising is something I'm working on too. Good luck for the rest of the week. Baby raccoons!

  2. The baby raccoon is so cute! Too bad the adults are vicious monsters.That's right, Stacy, just go with what works for you. Whenever I start feeling like I'm writing crap and should stop while I'm ahead, I remind myself that I've written crap before, and that I've been able to fix it before. I may look at it now and despair, but I am capable of fixing it. So write what you will. πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks so much. Aren't they cute? The ones at Moms last summer came up with their enormous mother. The first time they showed up, I went to run them off because they were eating the cat food. Scaredy mom raccoon takes right off and leaves the babies on the deck crying/screeching. They didn't know what to do. I felt so bad for them I gave them more cat food!

  4. I know they are, Angela. But they're still cute as adults. From a distance, lol.Thanks for the encouragement. I think we get caught up (at least I do) in trying to do what is supposed to be "right" rather than what works for us.

  5. Baby raccoons are so precious!I definitely hear you on the self-doubt front. I also tend to feel a little shaky when I've read work by authors I admire and love, and I have to keep reminding myself that the finished product that I'm reading was once a hole-ridden, error-filled first draft like mine. It helps, somewhat, anyway. :DGlad to hear that you've managed to exercise! That's one of the things that's fallen by the wayside on my to-do list, so I'm trying to get back to it.Hope the rest of your week is lovely!

  6. Next best thing to making progress on my own WIP, is cheering on somebody else who's doing his/hers. You GO, Stacy!Baby raccoons are SO cute. Big ones, hissing at you, not so much. Do what works for YOU – in writing, in exercising, in life, and screw the experts. They are mostly expert in what works well for THEMSELVES, and while they may have helpful tips, doesn't mean everything they have to say applies to you.

  7. KellyCongrats on finishing the WIP! Big accomplishment:)JamiliaThey are, aren't they? Just want to snuggle them. It's good to know I'm not the only one with the self-doubt bug. And you're absolutely right – their original drafts definitely didn't look like what we're reading. Thanks!BeverlyThanks so much! I actually mapped out the town for The Prophet today, so I'm excited. LOL, I know it. I love looking at big raccoons too, tho. They are deceptively sweet looking. Thanks for the encouraging. I've learned to trust my gut with my writing, finally.

  8. I always find that exercising helps get the creative juices flowing. I just hate that I can't take a notebook and pen on my walks with me-that's when a lot of my ideas start flowing.

  9. Better you than me on the exercise. LOL I am glad the Lisa Gardner link helped. It really is awesome that she has that on her site for free. I loved the raccoon analogy. I feel like burying my head in the sand lots of days. Today was no exception. I am proud of you for how far you've come with your synopsis. Good job, and check your email for my comments on it.

  10. RedExercising does get the juices flowing. And I think that feeling better about yourself affects your writing as well. I know what you mean! I wish I could take a notebook. I thought about talking into my phone, but then I don't want to look like a fool, lol.CatieThat link was gold. Thanks so much. She's got a lot of great stuff on her site. Would love to sit down and talk to her. LOL .. thanks. Analogies aren't my strong point but I couldn't resist. Thanks so much for your help!

  11. Stacy,It sounds like you've had a terrific week full of accomplishments, health and writing! You go girl! Do not compare yourself to anyone. You are your own unique voice. No time to waste! Keep going!

  12. We all have our self-doubt moments, but getting past them is what counts! It sounds like you did just that. Good for you!By the way, I do NOT have the warm fuzzies about raccoons. The ones that come into our yard are PESTS, pure and simple, and steal food and other stuff. In fact, my boys and I took out the airsoft guns last time one came around. It was not a baby, and there were no injuries! I promise. It was merely a warning. Sorry.

  13. JulieI know the're pests, but they're so cute. I can't help it. But I can't blame you for warning them, either. They are a pain.THanks for the encouragement and for posting!

  14. You go girl on the exercise! In my designing days I would go through an entire pad of sketches before I got the composition "just right." Revising my writing feels the same. Plug away until it sings.

  15. Thanks. The results are slow but I'm feeling better. It definitely makes a difference. Great point about revising!

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