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#Row80 Sunday Check In and Book List

First off, I hope all of you on the East Coast are doing well. Most of you probably can’t read this since your power is likely out, but I’m thinking of you as Irene does her thing. This is one of those days I’m grateful to live in the Midwest.

This has been a good writing week. I outlined the first eight scenes of The Prophet and wrote the first 2000 words. Almost halfway to my Row80 goal of 5K.
My good friend has been reading the first fifty pages of Light and Dark and called me on how the book opens. “You’re a better writer than this. It reads like you’re not sold on it.”
And I wasn’t. I never have been. The book originally opened in the middle of the action, and when I learned that broke the rules, I revised. But I never felt great about the revisions. So with the help of my critique partner, I got to the bottom of the issue. There is some character setup, but the action comes quicker and the first two pages are pretty catchy. I feel good about them, which says a lot. The first pages, synopsis, and query are with a proofer this week, and I’m anxious to hear her opinion. My goal is to start querying Light and Dark by November.
Last but certainly not least, I want your books! Besides my normal suspense novels, I love good scary, psychological novels, whether they’re ghost stories, horror, criminal, etc. I would love to hear your suggestions!
How has your week been? Are your #Row80 goals on track?

14 comments on… “#Row80 Sunday Check In and Book List”

  1. Yay for your friend calling you out and for you fixing the problem. I finished revising my YA manuscript and sent it to my agent. So now I'm doing some editing and working on some short stories while I wait to hear what she thinks of the manuscript.

  2. KellyYep, she's great at that. She's really familiar with my writing and I trust her opinion. Good for you! I'm sure she'll love it.Thanks:)

  3. Great job! I love it when I get feedback that inspires me to do better. I'm glad you resolved something you weren't thrilled with; you should love your work. :-)I've only read one psychological thriller, and I will never pick one up again. πŸ˜› Too much for me, but Three by Ted Dekker totally freaked me out.

  4. Thanks Stacy for the good wishes to all of us here on the East Coast. We watched Irene through our rainy windows here in Southeastern Virginia all day yesterday and most of the night, but today is sunny and beautiful and the power came back this morning. Lots of trees down but we have survived. Congrats on doing so well on your writing goals. I had to Google ROW80 and it sounds like a fun program.

  5. Thanks, Angela. I do, too. That'w why I enjoy constructive criticism. Ted Dekker, that reminds me! I swiped one of his books from Mom last time I was there. It was Adam – I'll have to read it.CarolYou're welcome. I'm so glad you didn't have to go too long without power. That's rough. And so glad you had minimal damage. Row80 is a fun program – it's definitely great for inspiration. Thanks!

  6. Hi Stacy. I'm with CM Cipriani on scary, ghost and horror stories. Don't like them at all, especially if Vampires are involved. But psychological novels, criminal or suspense stories, including foreign intrigue, I love. Right now too busy re-crafting some of the chapters in my memoir to do much fiction reading. Glad to hear you have a great critique partner. I have ad a few but they've fallen along the wayside…looking for another one (who reads and writes memoir).

  7. Isn't it nice when someone you trust helps you get down to what's NOT working in your novel? I had that happen recently too, and when my beta reader gave her critique, I thought, "Yes, that's exactly it!" Glad you got those revisions done. Seems like you're doing well with your other goals!

  8. Julie – it's very awesome. Kristine and I are close friends, but I can always count on her to be honest and call me out on stuff. Same with Catie (critique partner). Makes a huge difference in my writing. Thanks so much!Hi NancyI enjoy vampires – but I'm more Anne Rice than Stephanie Meyer. Psychological, criminal, suspense are my favorites. I definitely need a good page-turner. Good luck with the chapters in your memoir – that can be a tough job!Thanks:)

  9. I'm enjoying what you're sending of The Prophet. I also think your opening for L & D is really good. It's very exciting, a real hook. Books: If you haven't tried Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King, you're missing out on 4 good novellas. Also, if you haven't read Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill (Stephen King's son), you're missing out on some good, old fashioned horror. I mentioned Jim Thompson to you in a recent email. They're old, they're good. The Killer Inside Me is definitely the most memorable, but The Getaway, After Dark My Sweet, and The Grifters are also fantastic. Movies have been made of all the books I mentioned. Richard Laymon is one of my guilty horror pleasures. If you're going to do it, read The Cellar. After that is Beast House. After that is The Midnight Tour. They're not for the faint of heart, though. Really. Joe R. Lansdale writes some of the best horror and redneck noir I've ever read. I've got a video of him reading a sample of his newest Hap and Leonard book on my blog today. Hap and Leonard are his redneck noir. His horror is mostly short fiction. Try God of the Razor if you're up for it. I like being scared. It's delicious. LOL

  10. Thanks, Catie. I'm finally excited about the opening, and you were a huge help with it.I'll try the books you mentioned. You and I have a lot of the same tastes, so I know I'll like them. You know, I started reading a Richard Laymon book when I first got my Nook and couldn't get into it. I can't remember the name, but it wasn't any of the ones you mentioned. I've never heard of Lansdale or redneck noir, lol. I love being scared, too. So fun!

  11. Stacy -sounds like you are definitely getting there. πŸ™‚ It's good to have a good friend/critique partner who can be honest and provide you constructive criticism (I too had a similar scenario a while back -and my mate made me see sense).As for book recommendations; I'm reading Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin (which is great) -but I assume you have read that as I'm catching up with -what seems to be the rest of the world. πŸ˜‰ I can't think of any other books in the genre's you have mention; however if you fancy something gritty historical ethnic fiction I'd highly recommend Wild Swans by Jung Chang -my Art teacher went on about it sooooo much I ended up buying the book. I'm glad I read it -I could not put it down -it was compelling and upsetting, definitely an eye opener.Good luck with your ROW80 goals πŸ™‚

  12. yikiciThanks! Yes, honest and constructive criticism is invaluable. I'm lucky to have two great people helping me.Really? No, I haven't read it. I'm not sure it would appeal to me. My hubby really likes the show, though. Wild Swans sounds interesting. I do like historical fiction if I'm in the right mood. Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement!

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