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Row80 Check In: Restructuring and Refocus


First off, I’m sorry for the lack of check-ins lately. Last week, I visited my best friend in the Twin Cities, and this past weekend I was at my parents. I’ve been so focused on writing in my spare time I haven’t been good with checking.

And that brings me to my blogging decision. I know it’s important to keep ourselves out there and to continue to build community, but I’ve also got to have the time to write. Since Thriller Thursday is key to my brand, I’m going to focus on it and cut down on the rest of my blogging time. I’ll continue to check in once a week for Row80, but Mondays will only be author interviews, and if I don’t have one for the week, I won’t be posting.

I know some will say I need all the exposure I can get, but if I don’t have books to promote there isn’t much point in blogging. In this stage of my career, writing has got to be the key. If you guys haven’t already, check out this great article by Jane Friedman at Writer Unboxed on how writers in various stages of their careers need to approach building their platform.

As for the writing, the WIP is actually going well. I’ve gotten about 5000 words in the last ten days or so, and I’ve made all the changes I needed to for the first half of the book. I’m hoping to knock out several scenes in act 2 these weeks.

I can’t encourage you guys enough to try an outline if you’re a panster and having trouble with your plot. This new WIP is very complex, and taking the time to plan scene by scene has made a huge difference for me. I actually know what I’m going to write when I sit down at my computer.

I hope you’re all having a good Sunday – or Monday, depending on where you are. Check back tomorrow to hear author Reggie Ridgeway’s thoughts on publishing with a small press.

18 comments on… “Row80 Check In: Restructuring and Refocus”

  1. I plotted my current novel more than any other writing I’ve done, and I find that I’m still pantsing some stuff. Once I got into the characters and scenes, some of my original plot decisions didn’t make as much sense. I’m wondering if you find yourself really sticking to the plan or veering off a bit.

    I will certainly be reading your posts whenever you put them up. With blogging, I think that consistency and quality are far more important than frequency. You’ll have that going, so good for you. Have a great week, Stacy! Wonderful word count and progress.

    • You know, I did, too. I plotted this one quite a bit and wrote the first act, which was about 25K. Catie had read bits and pieces, and as we went over it, we both realized there were too many plot holes that had to be addressed. So I went back to the drawing board and tackled those with MUCH help from Catie. I finally understand the importance of plotting ahead, but I haven’t been married to the outline. The scenes are still developing naturally, which I’m happy about.

      Thanks for the support on the blogging. The only thing I’m really cutting is Monday unless it’s an author interview. I will continue to focus on Thursdays as they are so key to my brand.


  2. WE all need to do what we need to do. Unfortunately there’s no proof that tweeting or blogging relates to sales. but I thin kit makes a difference. but each to their own.

  3. authormarieandrews

    I think the key to being a well-known author is to keep writing. Keep putting books out. Yes the blogs and social network have their place, but they’ll never be as important as the writing. That’s what keeps the readers and fans coming back. Why burn out early? You’re doing great Stacy! Hope you have a stellar week!

    • That’s kind of my thinking. Thursdays are obviously important because they tie into my brand and my books, but the rest can be done in moderation right now. I’ve got to keep the focus on finishing and writing more books. Thanks, Marie!

  4. Read the same article from Jane and it made a similar impact. While I don’t intend to cut back on the blogging at this point, it has made me reconsider some of my social media stances. If you get a minute, check out Marcia Richards ROW update from yesterday, she is making some interesting social media shifts that put things in good perspective (and that I’ll be using as a template for my own adjustments). A platform is nice but if there is nothing to put on it then what is the real point?

    Write till the keyboard complains, then get a new keyboard *grins* Have a fantastic week, Stacy 🙂

    • I’m playing catch up, but will definitely check out Marcia’s post. That’s exactly my thinking, and one book isn’t going to do much for my platform. It’s mostly Monday’s I’ll be cutting back, but I think that will be a big help.

      LOL, thanks, Gene!

  5. I actually had a chance to ask Jane Friedman about this, and I came away with similar thoughts. Right now what I’m doing works, but I’m planning on cutting back to two days a week eventually for a couple reasons. The first is my time, and the second is the time of the people who come to read. I’m able to visit very few blogs three times a week, so what makes me think anyone else is any different?

    • Very cool you got to talk to Jane! That’s such a good point. Everyone is pressed for time and we should all be focusing on the writing. I’d rather do a Row80 update and then one good Thriller Thursday post and leave it at that, because that’s the post I really want (and need) readers to support. Thanks, Marcy.

  6. You have to concentrate on your writing if you’re a writer. Blogging is important, but if you don’t have time for both, you have to choose what’s MOST important.

    I’m a pantser, and I tried to plot with Scrivener on this WIP I’m working on. But I hated it so much, I wanted to throw the laptop across the room. But I’m beginning to think it was because I didn’t like the way Scrivener was doing it. So I’m going to try to do some plotting MY way and see what happens. 🙂

    • I think that’s a huge key – figuring out what works for you. I love Scrivener for organizing scenes and the notecard feature, but I used that after free writing A LOT and doing mock outlines, as well as bouncing ideas off my crit partner. Good luck, and thanks for the support!

  7. Karen McFarland

    Very cool Stacy! You’ve got to do what works for you. It can be overwhelming. So you have my support! Keep up the great writing schedule! You’re doing what is most important. Take care and have a great week! 🙂

    • Thanks, Karen. It’s hard to know what the best decision is, but I have to focus on the book first. Really appreciate the encouragement!

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