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Manic Monday: Row80 Catch Up and Linkage

That’s pretty much how I feel right now. Took the weekend off and now have way too many things to do.

Row80 Report: I had a great week, especially since I didn’t get started until Wednesday. I managed to get in a little over 7600 words in three days – that’s huge for me. Hoping to keep up the pace this week. Grace is off school today, so I’m not sure how much I’ll manage.

All the rest: hanging in on blogs and working on a personal Thriller Thursday post. Healthy eating went really well until yesterday. Easter yummy’s just proved to be too much for me. Starting over today.

I also beefed up my Pinterest board, including some of the graphics for INTO THE DARK. Sounds like Pinterest is making some changes on the copyright issues, so it’s much less worrisome to post. I really think Pinterest is a great place to branch out to potential readers and show more of who we are as people. Feel free to check out my boards and follow me if you’d like.

Great links: lots of very good blog posts this week. Here are a few I enjoyed.

August McLaughlin: How to Pin Without Getting Arrested. Great breakdown of the Pinterest copyright issues. Must read:)

Robin LaFevers guest posting at Writer Unboxed: The Writer’s Life is Full of Second Chances (or: Abandon Despair, All Ye Who Enter Here). One of the most inspiring posts I’ve read!

Joanna Penn Interviewed on Pub Slush: Quick Tips on Publishing and Marketing.

Marcy Kennedy: How to Keep Strong Female Characters Likeable.

Catie Rhodes: A Glimmer of Red Lights. Fascinating post about New Orleans district where prostitution and all sorts of debauchery were allowed by law enforcement.

How are your Row80 Goals coming? Did you have a fantastic Easter Weekend?

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19 comments on… “Manic Monday: Row80 Catch Up and Linkage”

  1. It wasn’t Easter yummy stuff that did me in. It was this customer we have that works at a candy factory and brought us a huge box of candy. When I say huge box, I mean a box big enough that I wouldn’t be able to carry it.

    Great job on the word counts!

    • Oh my goodness. I don’t blame you. Some candy I can stay away from, but some I simply cannot have in the house. By some I mean anything with chocolate and/or peanut butter…


  2. My kids have been off all week, and today – they go back tomorrow. Gettting writing done has been a challenge, so I feel your pain, Stacy! Congrats, btw, on your upcoming publication!

    • Thanks so much, Kathy. Yes, today isn’t looking too promising. Grace is home and the hubby just came home early. Hope your week shapes up!

  3. Congrats on your writing progress, Stacy! I wonder if that belated start gave you extra gusto. 😉 Thanks so much for sharing my link!

  4. Your high word count is inspiring to me to keep up the writing too. I logged 7,001 words last week. Hoping to do the same again this week! Best wishes with ROW80, Stacy.

    • Thank you, and that’s awesome! Row80 sprints are a big help with motivation, aren’t they? Good luck this week!

  5. Belated thanks for including me in the mash-up. I have to agree that I think now that Pinterest is working on its issues, it’s much safer to use. I’m back interacting lightly, but more as a fun site that I like to use as a person than as a writer.

    • You’re welcome. I agree, it’s a fun site to use mostly as a person, but I do think it can help appeal to more readers. That’s the biggest worry for me in my social media time – finding those readers outside our writing blogosphere.

  6. beverlydiehl

    I am backwards and out of synch and out of order and I visted you in Pinterest again and stole (okay, repinned) your crown. Keep going with your Row whateveritis.

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