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Row80 Round 4 Final Check-In

Round 4 has flown by, hasn’t it? I can’t say the past few months were a resounding success, but I can’t label them a failure, either.

Writing Goals:

My goals were to have sent out five queries for INTO THE DARK by the end of Round 4, and I’ve easily doubled that. I’ve got a partial and a full out (by request), as well as several submissions to e-publishers. No luck with agents as of yet, but I’m going to keep plugging away in the new year.

Unfortunately, querying INTO THE DARK took a lot more time and energy than I anticipated. My query required numerous rewrites, as did my synopsis, and my progress on my new book, THE PROPHET, suffered. I failed pretty miserably with my word count on it. And that’s okay. I learned a lot these last couple of months, and I’ve renewed my excitement in the book. I do expect to make a lot of progress on it once the holidays have come and gone.

I’ve done a pretty good job of supporting my writing friends, and Thriller Thursday is gradually gaining more views, so I’m calling wins on those goals.

Life Goals:

My life goals are still VERY much a work in progress. The carb watching and motivation to exercise is a daily battle for me. I plan on working harder on these next year, as well as focusing on the positives in life. I’m a pessimist by nature, so finding the proverbial flower in the weeds is tough for me. Obsessing over my mistakes and perceived failures are aspects of my personality I really need to work on, but I’m getting better.

Round 4 has been a bumpy ride for me (it’s cliché day, apparently). Once the queries starting going out and the rejections began, followed by the waiting game, I’ve struggled to find interest in writing. I’ve experienced periods of lethargy and guilt because I’ve not been able to switch gears as easily as some other writers seem to do. I should have been able to jump into writing THE PROPHET with no problem. After all, if I want writing to be my job, I have to have a thicker skin and stronger will.

I’m working on it. I’m also working on accepting that my process is different from others, and that’s okay. That’s not to say I don’t need to get my butt in gear and figure out a way to beat the doldrums when they barge into my head, but I’m trying to stop feeling guilty for not being like everyone else. I can strive to be better, but I also need to accept myself, faults and all.

We’ll see how that goes.

So I’m calling Round 4 a draw. I’m proud of myself for getting the courage to query and for (so far) not losing my mind as I wait. I wish I’d gotten farther along on The Prophet, but life gets in the way. Most of all, I’m looking forward to the new year and a very busy Round 5.

What about you? Was Row80 Round 4 a success for you? Is there anything you would have changed?

13 comments on… “Row80 Round 4 Final Check-In”

  1. I think you did ahhhmazing Stacy and I am sending you a huge round of applause with wildly shaking hot pink pompoms. You also managed to put together a marketing plan, remember. I think it’s easy to underestimate how long new things will take us. And then there’s life. Given that you are bouncing back, have rediscovered your passion for the Prophet, and are ready to hit the road running in January…well that’s just plain fantastic.
    You’ve accomplished sooo much!! Pat yourself on the back and take a moment to enjoy the pride…you have earned it and deserve it!
    Here’s to drinking the optimistic kool-aid…

    • Thank you so much. Love the hot pink pompoms. Oh yes, I’ve forgotten about the marketing plan, lol. I think I’ve just run out of gas. I’m looking forward to a week of rest and not feeling pressured to write, etc. And yes, definitely looking forward to diving into round 5.

      Thanks so much for the encouragement. Your support and friendship means a lot!

  2. When I wrote my first book (okay, my second) and started doing queries, synopses, and the whole ball o wax, I realized that everything takes A LOT more time than I thought it would. And that’s okay.

    That’s you’ve already got requests for fulls & partials after so few submissions is AMAZING. Then again, you’re a great writer, so it doesn’t surprise me. Keep on keepin’ on, sister!

    • That’s been the biggest eyeopener for me. I’ve actually dealt with rejections better than I expected, but I wasn’t prepared for the amount of time the querying process took. And how much energy it sucked out of you. I’ve definitely learned a lot.

      Thanks so much. I was shocked at those too, and I’m hoping to hear positive things after the holidays are over and editors get rolling again.

  3. Give yourself more credit. Your round four sounds pretty darn good.
    I finished revising a manuscript and sent it off to my agent this past weekend. Now I’m planning a new MS while editing for a client. I also just announced my two-book deal with Spencer Hill Press, so I’m pretty happy. Okay, I’m more than pretty happy. 😀

    • Thanks, Kelly. Congrats on finishing your MS and getting it sent off, and I missed your deal. CONGRATS! That’s wonderful news. You deserve it. What a great Christmas present:)

  4. You did great, Stacy. During the writing path, even after published and all, it’s all about learning, forever.
    I’m glad you found out things about your writing and your style and the way things work for you even if they are quite a bit different that for others … Now you can apply all that next round!
    See you rocking the row in 2012!
    Happy Holidays 😉

    • Thank you! And that’s very true. No point in continuing to write if we aren’t always learning and improving. Yes, I can. I do think I need more of a set routine, and I need to set more short term goals. Already thinking about that.

      Thanks, and you, too:)

  5. Stacy–holy CATS, lady, you did all that? Wowzer, that’s darned ambitious. The query process ALWAYS derails writers (all the ones I know, anyway) so sheesh–sorry about that but you’re normal. *s* As normal as we writers can get anyway.

    It’s all about pushing through the doldrums to the next electric buzz of excitement that fuels the next work. It’ll happen.

    • THank you:) LOL at the holy cats. That’s an expression I’ve not heard. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who’s been derailed by the query process. I thought I was defective. Thanks for the advice!

  6. Okay. You’re cartoon was created out of my head! How did you know. I think you finished well. Your lists show how hard you worked and don’t discount the support you’ve given to your Row80 friends. It’s invaluable.

    • LOL. I ran across that and just loved it. Fitting. And thanks so much. I hope my support has helped the Row80 crew. They’re a great group!

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