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The Night He Died

The Night He Died

Wrong place. Wrong time. And everything to lose.

A body dump in one of New Orleans's most mysterious cemeteries sends Cage on the most personal—and chilling—case of his life.

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About the Book
Running for his life …
Cage Foster discovers a body in one of New Orleans’s most mysterious cemeteries. His partner recognizes the victim–she investigated him for the disappearance of his girlfriend months ago and suspects suicide. Cage isn’t buying it–the evidence and the cause of death tell a different story.
Running out of time …
Within days, others start to disappear. Cage is certain everything is tied to one of New Orleans’s most powerful Mardi Gras Krewes, but with Fat Tuesday just days away, city officials demand Cage drop the investigation. Up against the city’s rich and powerful who financially fuel a corrupted legal system, Cage only has two allies: A clairvoyant and a woman with a past so dark and damaged, he’s afraid to trust her.The killer will do anything to keep from being exposed, and Cage’s luck may have finally run out.
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