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Shots Fired (Delta Detective Series #6)

Shots Fired (Delta Detective Series #6)

Cage Foster is finishing up a long shift as a criminal investigator for the Adams County, Mississippi's Sheriff department. He's eager to go home to his fiancé and new baby when a report of shots fired at a friend's historical antebellum home changes everything.

When Cage arrives at Magnolia House, he discovers a victim on the front lawn and realizes his friends are still trapped inside. A domestic dispute between two guests has gone horribly wrong, and the hostage negotiation team won't arrive before the situation explodes.

With time running out, Cage must sneak into the house through the long forgotten tunnel once used to shuttle slaves back and forth. Once inside, his only hope is a surprise attack, but the old house has tricks of its own.

Will Cage be able to save his friends, or will he become yet another victim of a furious husband hellbent on punishment?

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About the Book
Series: Delta Detective Series, Book 6
Genres: Mystery & Suspense, Mystery & Thriller
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