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Press Interview at More Cowbell

Stacy Green’s interview with Jenny Hansen at More Cowbell.

1. Give me each of your main characters in 50 words or less.

Emilie is a master escape artist–she’s escaped a manipulative ex-husband and a cruel mother. She’s also vulnerable and on the edge of emotional disaster. Nathan is perceptive, loyal, and brave, but damage from his past drives him to atone for what happens to Emilie.

2. Your book features the homeless living in the Las Vegas tunnels? Tell me about them.

At any given time, around 200 people live in the storm drains beneath Las Vegas. Many of them are addicts or recovering addicts, many survive by working the Casino junket and finding unused credits. Still others work small jobs here and there or do whatever it takes to get by. Some have been there for months and years–some love living below. Others see the tunnels as a temporary place until they get back on their feet, and a relief from the Nevada sun. Reporter Matt O’Brien spent months investigating the tunnels and interviewing several of its residents. He tells the story in his book, Beneath The Neon. It’s an inspiring and heartbreaking place–a total contradiction of how most of us see Las Vegas.

Because of their criminal history and availability, I chose to use the tunnels as an escape route for the Taker, but they became much more than that. The tunnels–and their fictional inhabitants–added an extra layer to INTO THE DARK and played a vital role in both Emilie and Nathan’s character development.

3. What would you love your readers to know about this book?

INTO THE DARK is more than just suspense with romance. It’s about fear, secrets, lies, and all the bad things that can happen to people. It’s also about learning from those terrible moments instead of letting the past control you. Ultimately, both Emilie and Nathan have to come to terms with that concept before they can move on with their lives–together or separately. And my villain–the Taker–isn’t your average bad guy. Everything he does has meaning and is dictated by his past. His torment is the perfect example of why we have to move on from the past, because it can destroy us.

4. Why thrillers?

I think because I’m easily bored. I love the combination of suspense and action that thrillers have, and if they’re written well, the character transformation that’s needed in order to beat the ticking clock.

5. What’s next for you? Will this book be part of a series?

So many things planned! My second stand-alone novel, Tin God, will be available in March. You can find more about it here. I’m also working on a series–the first book should release in the fall–about a forensic psychologist and the concept of whether or not people are born evil. It’s got some great villains and even better twists, so I’m really excited about it!

Thanks again to Jenny for having me.


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