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Made It Moment with Jenny Milchman

Originally Appeared on Jenny Milchman’s Made It Moments

When Jenny invited me to be a part of her “Made It Moment” series, I jumped at the chance. And then panicked. Have I really made it? Do I finally consider myself a “real author?”

A week ago, when Into The Dark first released, I would have said I wasn’t sure. But now, after my first book signing, I can finally say yes. I may be in the early stage of my career and have a lot more to learn, but little by little, people are getting to know my name.

My first ever book signing was this past Thursday at a wonderful store called New Bo Books. New Bo is one of those tiny places with lots of character and a staff who knows their customers by name. Only about 30 people can fit inside, so it was relaxed and intimate.

But public speaking isn’t my thing, and the idea of reading words I wrote in front of people I knew was nauseating. I had my list of points to address, but when I sat down in a big, comfy overstuffed chair to face the crowd who’d come to hear ME speak about MY book, I blanked out.

I couldn’t read the words on the page, my cheeks burned, and I felt incredibly foolish. I jumped right into talking about my book and felt like I was jumping from one topic to another. Then it came time to read, and naturally, the part I’d dreaded so much was the easiest. I settled in and read two separate passages from a book I’m very proud of.

And guess what? People had questions for me! Some had read the book, some bought it that night. But they all asked the same kind of questions I would love to ask my favorite authors.

That’s when it hit me: I have made it. I may be at the early stages, but that’s okay. We all start somewhere, and I’m going to cherish every moment.

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