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Bone-tingling suspense: guest post at Just Romantic Suspense

Originally appeared at Just Romantic Suspense

Bone-tingling, spine-chilling, heart stopping, rollercoaster ride…

That’s my version of suspense. The anticipation of what might happen to the hero or heroine and the fear of what horrible thing might be around the next page is what I love about the genre. You know the really great thriller or horror movie you watch with your hands over your eyes? That’s the kind of suspense I love, and that’s what I strive to write.

One of the ingredients to a stellar suspense novel is creating an intelligent, fearsome villain. Even better? A bad guy readers can’t help but have a little bit of empathy for. We know he’s a creep, and we don’t want him to win, but he’s so deliciously evil we hope he gets close to his prize so the fun will be drawn out for as long as possible.

INTO THE DARK’s bad guy is the Taker, an almost ghost-like figure who shocks the famed Las Vegas SWAT team with his plans and eludes police in the filthy storm drains running beneath the city. He’s planned his attack for months, found the perfect spot, and is determined to capture Emilie. And yet … he’s not all bad. He speaks kindly to Emilie and seems to care deeply for her. He talks about history and his own past with reverence, and the sorrow in his voice when he speaks of Josephine might just make you feel a little bit sorry for him.

Who is the Taker?

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