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#FridayFlash – The Gathering

Stuck somewhere between deep sleep and grogginess, Sarah could feel the atmosphere in the room changing. The air thickened until it felt heavy. She shivered beneath the blanket. Every breath she drew was strained and loud. Silence popped in her ears.

The sense of unease prodded her subconscious, forcing her to wake up. Sarah didn’t want to. She knew what the gathering tension meant. She put her hand over her eyes, determined to ignore the pressure.

The dark room wouldn’t be ignored. An invisible presence rushed over Sarah, its energy skimming across the blankets and wrapping itself around her head. Its weight pressed her down, and she couldn’t move. The thing she could never name hovered, unintelligible words ringing in Sarah’s ears.

Then she was released. Sarah sat up and screamed. She fumbled for the light switch, her heart hammering and her stomach turning with nausea. Light flooded the room, and she searched for the source of the intrusion.

There was nothing. Her mother’s quilt rack, laden with colorful quilts that were never used, sat in one corner, a rocking chair in another. An antique school desk served as a bedside table. A glass lamp sat on a top, along with the book Sarah had discarded hours ago.

“What’s wrong?” Her father’s voice called from across the room. Her parents lived in the country, surrounded by farms and kind neighbors. An intruder was the last thing her dad would be worried about. He was used to Sarah’s ‘episodes,’ as he called them. They happened every time she visited.

“Something moved across me,” she answered. Her voice sounded ominous in the quiet guest room.

“Probably the cat,” her mother answered. “You know he roams around all night.”

Sarah glanced at the bedroom door. It was open an inch, nowhere near big enough for her parent’s eighteen-pound black and white cat to squeeze through.

“Little Bit?” Sarah called. “Come here, kitty, kitty. Come snuggle with me.”

No answer. The cat wasn’t in the hall. The only thing Little Bit liked to do more than eat was talk. He would have chattered back.

“He’s probably downstairs,” her dad said. “You scared him. Go back to sleep.”

Sarah kept her mouth shut. The cat wasn’t downstairs. He would have been lounging in the hallway, complaining about Sarah making so much noise.

She pulled the blanket up to her nose. The room was still, benign. That meant nothing. Whatever visited her came and went as it pleased.

Sarah had sensed the presence of spirits in the old farmhouse since she was a child. It was nothing to feel the bed sag as though someone were sitting on it only to find there was no one. During a miserable bout with the flu, a woman wearing an old-fashioned gray dress had sat with Sarah. She didn’t speak, but her company was calming. Sarah’s mother insisted the woman had been a fever-induced dream.

But this was different. Whatever this energy was wanted Sarah’s attention. It grew bolder with each visit, gathering more energy and leaving the room a suffocating tomb.

Tonight was the first time it had touched Sarah. She knew it wouldn’t be the last.

**based on true experiences**

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12 comments on… “#FridayFlash – The Gathering”

  1. Hi, Stacy. I'm stopping by for the She Writes blog hop. Great entry. I loved the part about feeling the bed sag when no one was on it. It gave me chills!

  2. Thanks, Kelly! Glad you liked the post. The bed sagging thing is really freaky. It happened to me many times growing up, and I always brushed it off. Then one day a few years ago, I was talking to my parents, and we've all had the same experience through the years!

  3. Thanks, Catie. I've thought about that, but I figure the whole switching genre things is tough. This was easy to write because it happens to me.You mean there are different Twilight books?! Thank God. I'll check them out:)

  4. Hi Stacy. Visting from the SheWrites Blogger Ball. I love horror and I enjoyed the story. Sounds similar to an experience I had before – well not the part about the actual visit from a woman in gray, but the feeling of a presence holding you down. Creepy…

  5. DawnThanks for visiting! Both of the experiences in the story happened to me (along with many more) at my parents house. It's very creepy:)

  6. Hi Stacey. Found you on the blog hop. Loved your spooky piece. Is this in a book you're working on, or . . . ? How long did you live in this house? How old were you? Would like to read the rest. When I was growing up, there was a little door inside my closet I was sure little people lived. I heard noises but they never sat on my bed. Thanks for the memory 🙂

  7. Hi, Nancy. Welcome from the blog hop. No, this isn't a piece I'm working on. It's just something I wrote for Friday Flash. I may add some sections to it, though. I've had lots of experiences. I grew up in that house, we moved there when I was 9. I've always hated closets:)Thanks!

  8. Hi Stacy, another blog blog hopper. This is such an interesting party – I've been treated to such a variety of writing. I don't know about flash Friday (newish to the blogosphere), but it sounds like something I'd like to do. Your piece is chilling. It's one of those reads you speed through and then sad it's over so soon. Thanks!

  9. Hi Brenda! Good to see you from the blog hop. I'm enjoying it as well. Friday Flash is a great way to get your fiction out there. So glad you enjoyed the piece. It's based on true experiences of mine.Thanks for stopping by!

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